Jules / November 11th, 2018

Matthew Modine (Stranger Things) has been tapped as one of the leads opposite Sophia Bush in CBS’ drama pilot Surveillance, from Matt Reeves, David C. White, Patricia Riggen and 20th Century Fox TV, which will co-produce with CBS TV Studios. Read More here

Jules / November 11th, 2018

If you’re of a certain generation, Ione Skye will once and forever by Diane Court from Say Anything. But you can currently catch Skye opposite Jennifer Garner in the new HBO series Camping. Skye’s Carleen is sweet and a bit of a pushover, who’s treated terribly by both her alcoholic boyfriend, Joe (Chris Sullivan), and her controlling, demanding sister Kathryn (Garner). Read More here

Jules / November 11th, 2018

PG-13 remix of “Deadpool 2” with a “Princess Bride” spin opens Dec. 12 in theaters. Read More here

Jules / November 11th, 2018

I had actually completely forgotten about Joe Dante’s EXPLORERS until just this moment, but it all came flooding back immediately. The 1985 coming-of-age sci-fi film starred Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, and Jason Presson as three young teenagers who came together to build a spaceship after one of them had recurring dreams about a blueprint of some kind. The film eventually gathered a cult following but was considered a box-office flop as Paramount Pictures forced Dante to finish the film before he was ready. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

The film — from director Andy Tennant — centers on a young widow with three children who hires a handyman to fix her house, only to realize that, as he grows closer to the family, he carries a secret connection to her past. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

When Annabeth Gish agreed to join The Haunting of Hill House‘s cast, she didn’t know she was signing up to play a buttoned-up caretaker’s wife with a deep history related to the ghost-filled abode. She had no idea the horror-tinged drama would become such a buzzy success. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

After announcing its pick-up of Trautmann at the start of the week, new distribution outfit Parkland Entertainment has acquired Emilio Estevez’s The Public for the UK. The film, which is being sold at AFM by the Capstone Group, has an ensemble cast that includes Estevez, Alec Baldwin, Jena Malone, Taylor Schilling, Christian Slater, Che “Rhymefest” Smith, Gabrielle Union, Jacob Vargas, Michael K Williams and Jeffrey Wright. The deal was negotiated by Tom Stewart, Acquisitions Director of Parkland Entertainment and Pia Patatian, VP, Sales at Capstone Group. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

After getting his start on the Little House on the Prairie television show at the age of 11, Jason Bateman has found consistent work over the past nearly-four decades. Today, he is a household name. He is largely known for his comedy performances — especially that as the ostensibly central character of the cult ensemble sitcom Arrested Development. He toes that critical line for a comedic actor between handsome and goofy. He is often the stooge — the rational character in a comedy who responds to the zany ones. However, even in his broader comedic roles — like color commentator Pepper Brooks in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story — he plays deadpan. It gives him a unique style. Aside from his massive success in the comedy genre, he has tried his hand in drama and horror too — and has taken a few turns behind the camera as director and has found success in them all. His popularity is well-earned. Here are his 10 best roles so far. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

The actor-turned-director discusses his very excellent (and decidedly not bogus) adventure making the timely new documentary about one of the biggest corruption scandals — and data leaks — of all time. Read More here

Jules / November 4th, 2018

With his latest movies, Winter has found his groove as a non-fiction storyteller, and his current fixations come from a personal place. Read More here


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