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Arquette – Patricia
Arquette – Rosanna
Barrymore – Drew
Barron – Dana
Bateman – Justine
Brewton – Maia
Cates – Phoebe
Corman – Maddie
Cox – Courtney
Cusack – Joan
Deakins – Lucy
Gertz – Jami
Gish – Annabeth
Green – Kerri
Grey – Jennifer
Lively – Robyn
Madsen – Virginia
Masterson – Mary Stuart
McKellar – Danica
Milano – Alyssa
Moore – Demi
Parker – Sarah Jessica
Plimpton – Martha
Preston – Kelly
Quinn – Aileen
Ringwald – Molly
Ryder – Winona
Singer – Lori
Skye – Ione
Slater – Helen
Smith – Shawnee
Stewart – Catherine Mary
Stronach – Tami
Wright – Robin
Yothers – Tina


This is my tribute site to the stars of the 80s we grew up watching. I’ll be featuring profile pages with up to date (or as current as I can find out!) information. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to join me over on Twitter and Facebook so we can discuss the 80s together!

This is also my site collective and I currently run over 40 fansites. Check out the collective page to see the current list. ~ Jules

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Kent’s Spotlight Series presents…
An Evening with Molly Ringwald
Friday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Kentwood Performing Arts Center, 25800 164th Avenue SE, Covington
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    Nov 26 @ 20:45 – Prince Charles Cinema, London – Trading Places / X

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