Jules / March 31st, 2019

*Warning: I haven’t seen Us and, therefore, can’t spoil it for you. But if you like to go into movies knowing as little as possible, turn back now! Just know that Corey Feldman Easter Eggs exist and bookmark this page for later if you can’t find them.

If the beach scenes in the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us look familiar, you’re probably a fan of 1980s-era horror movies. It’s Santa Cruz, California, and the boardwalk against the sea featured prominently in The Lost Boys (where the name of the town was changed to Santa Carla in order to avoid scaring potential tourists). So, while there’s an inherent connection between Joel Schumacher’s tale of teenage vampires and Us, you might be surprised to learn that Peele makes the connection explicit. Read More here

Jules / March 31st, 2019

The cult classic that is The Lost Boys was one of those movies that people, teens mostly, spoke about in excited tones when they would get to see it with or without their parents’ permission (yes, this was still a thing back then) and shortly afterward would proceed to proclaim as one of the best movies ever. Keep in mind that during this time there weren’t a whole lot of quality vampire flicks that catered to a wide audience. Also keep in mind that the nature of the vampires in this movie was something that appealed to a younger crowd since they were made up to look like punk rockers and had the kind of attitudes that were rebellious and outright dangerous, something which still draws people of a certain age to watch these movies and become entranced. Plus, the fact that it had the two Corey’s was just another point in its favor as they were still riding a rather big wave of popularity that had yet to come crashing down. Here are five of the best songs from the soundtrack. Read More here

Jules / February 24th, 2019

Just last month, The CW ordered up a pilot episode of a TV series adaptation of “The Lost Boys,“ with Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars”) and Heather Mitchell (“Grey’s Anatomy”) attached. We don’t know all that much about the series at this time, but on the latest episode of Collider’s podcast The Witching Hour, hosts Haleigh and Perri broke a pretty big scoop. Read More here

Jules / February 3rd, 2019

Jules / December 16th, 2018

‘Tis the season to revisit an ‘80s gem; Night of the Comet. The recent announcement that a remake is in the works would be enough of a reason to give this a watch, but Night of the Comet also happens to be an entry in Christmas horror that gets overlooked every year in favor of more traditional options. Keep reading here


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