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Welcome! The aim of this website is to bring up to date information about the career of Billy Crudup. This site will focus on career only. “I’m trying to make a living by pretending to be different people, and if people know too much about me, that makes it really hard to do a job that I already find difficult. Then there’s nothing I can do to convince anybody that I’m you know, an ex-con from Queens” Source: U.S. (Feb 1999)

Jules   Feb 25, 2017   Interview

Movie and theater actor Billy Crudup, who appears in two Oscar-nominated films this year, said he began practicing meditation after suffering from panic attacks, three of which occurred on stage during performances. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 7, 2017   Interview

If you want dependable, quality work in your movie or TV show, no matter the subject or the setting or the genre, Billy Crudup offers one of the surest bets in the business. And he’s done so for years and years, in everything from “Almost Famous” to “Watchmen.” amNewYork spoke with the prolific actor, 48, about “20th Century Women,” his latest movie, in which he plays a handyman surrounded by strong California women (played by Annette Bening and others) in the epochal year of 1979. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 1, 2017   Interview

20th Century Women, now playing in limited release, is named after its complicated women. There are three of them to be exact played by Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning. To the movie’s great credit, the two male characters are no less fascinating. Take note, men: while the men have their own distinct characters, half of the reason they’re so interesting is their empathy and curiousity about the women they share their lives with. One of the guys is a teenager just getting started in life (Lucas Jade Zumann) and eager to soak it all in. The film’s quietest character is William (Billy Crudup). He’s moving into middle age but headed nowhere in particular; the women have always come to him but he still doesn’t know where he’s going. Read More: // here

Jules   Dec 30, 2016   Interview

The actor talks about his roles in Jackie and 20th Century Women, and what artists do in times of upheaval. Read More: // here

Jules   Dec 26, 2016   Interview

After playing a blue collar type in the new drama, Billy Crudup can’t fix your car, but he can fake-fix it. Read More: // here

Jules   Jul 18, 2015   Interview, Stanford Prison Experiment

Billy Crudup seemed destined to be a big star. A breathtaking talent onstage, he can enunciate Tom Stoppard’s twisty words in “Arcadia” as if reciting a nursery rhyme. He starred as “The Elephant Man” when Bradley Cooper (Broadway’s most recent Elephant Man) was still appearing on the Hallmark Channel. Read More: // here

Jules   Oct 5, 2014   Interview

The actor whose MasterCard voice-overs let him pick more indie roles takes on a new role as father in the coming film ‘Rudderless’. Continue here

Jules   May 5, 2014   Interview

One of the absolute highlights of this year’s unusually robust Tribeca Film Festival was Noah Buschel’s “Glass Chin” (read our review here). It’s the tale of a down on his luck former boxer named Bud (played by Corey Stoll) who gets seduced by the criminal underworld. And there’s no one more seductive than Billy Crudup, who plays J.J., a kind of loan shark/restaurateur, in a performance that borders on being downright mesmerizing. Crudup is a wonderful actor but in “Glass Chin” he taps into something really powerful and odd. And we were lucky enough to chat with him about the process of creating the character, which he equates to the experience making Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen.” Oh, and he gets a shout out J.J. Abrams for a “Star Wars” job too. Continue @

Jules   Mar 25, 2014   Interview

Had you worked with Zoe Saldana before? // No, I hadn’t.
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Jules   Mar 25, 2014   Interview

Frank (Billy Crudup) is a dedicated policeman. His older brother Chris (Clive Owen) is an ex-con who did time for murder. Their father Leon (James Caan) is ailing and sister Marie (Lili Taylor) is tending to him. The cast includes Marion Cotillard as Chris’s ex who is now a drug addict and hooker, and Mila Kunis as Natalie, who falls in love with Chris. Vanessa (Zoe Saldana) is Frank’s ex who is now with Scarfo (Matthias Schoenaerts). He’s a brute. Noah Emmerich plays Frank’s boss, Lieutenant Connellan, who cares for Frank but cannot save him from making idiotic choices. Continue @