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Welcome! The aim of this website is to bring up to date information about the career of Billy Crudup. This site will focus on career only. “I’m trying to make a living by pretending to be different people, and if people know too much about me, that makes it really hard to do a job that I already find difficult. Then there’s nothing I can do to convince anybody that I’m you know, an ex-con from Queens” Source: U.S. (Feb 1999)

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Denis Johnson, a National Book Award winner whose novels and short stories about the fallen — junkies, down-and-out travelers, drifters and violent men in the United States and abroad — emerged in ecstatic, hallucinatory and sometimes minimalist prose, died on Wednesday at his home in Gualala, Calif. He was 67. The cause was liver cancer, his literary agent Nicole Aragi said. Read More: // here

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Curtis Hanson, who shared an Adapted Screenplay Oscar for L.A. Confidential and also helmed such films as Eminem-starrer 8 Mile, Wonder Boys, The River Wild, In Her Shoes and HBO’s Too Big To Fail, died in his sleep Tuesday of natural causes at his Hollywood Hills home. He was 71.

In 2011, Hanson took his directing talents to the small screen for Too Big to Fail, HBO’s telepic about how Washington and Wall Street flailed during the late-2000s financial crisis. The pic, which included William Hurt among its large ensemble, scored 11 Emmy noms, including two for Hanson as director and producer, but came away empty-handed.

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21. Without Limits. Read More: // here

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You and Billy Crudup were exceptional together in “Rudderless,” a movie filmed in Oklahoma City and Guthrie that found your characters creating a band. What lasting memory do you have of making a movie in Oklahoma? I had such a good time shooting in Oklahoma, and I met great people there. I have nothing but pleasant memories. You know, I should make a shout-out, and I’d appreciate you getting this in: There was an absolutely fantastic pedal maker there, Keeley Electronics (in Edmond), and they gave me this fuzz head (an original Keeley-designed guitar pedal), a really expensive pedal they make. They made it for my character, and I’m so grateful for that.

How does your decision-making process work when a movie comes along that involves playing music? Do such scripts find you because they know you play guitar? With “Rudderless,” I had auditioned for Bill (William H. Macy directed “Rudderless”) before, and there was some concern about whether I could play the music or not. I’m not a musician. I’m not even that confident in my film work, so I’d never have the balls to say that I’m a musician. For Bill, I had to play some solos, and I still stunk, and he said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” I can fake it good enough.

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Those born on this date are under the sign of Cancer.
They include actor Billy Crudup in 1968 (age 47).
On this date in history:
In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read in public for the first time, to people gathered at Philadelphia’s Independence Square.
In 1835, the Liberty Bell cracked while being rung during the funeral of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in Philadelphia.
In 1889, The Wall Street Journal was first published.
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We know her as the charming, strong-willed housewife (Lynette Scavo, Desperate Housewives), the passionately driven mother of a murdered son (Barb Hanlon, American Crime), and the inspiring transexual parent of an estranged runaway teen (Bree, Transamerica). This week, though, we get to see Felicity Huffman as a CIA director who must work with the Vice President (played by Victor Garber) to find the President of the United States (Samuel L. Jackson) when he goes missing in Big Game. Huffman, one of today’s most lauded TV and film actors, gave us her list of five favorite films — movies that not only have entertained her but have served as inspiration for her ever-thought-provoking acting work. Here is the list, along with an astute explanation for each selection. Enjoy!
RUDDERLESS (William H. Macy, 2014) 63%
People might question this but Rudderless, which was directed by my husband [William H. Macy]. But I say Rudderless because of two things. One is because of the way the movie was structured, and the way Bill directed it. The audience got to experience in a small way, I think, what parents get to experience when their child does something horrific. That you’re going along with one experience of your child, which is, “He or she is like this, and this is the kind of person they are, and I love them dearly.” And then they do some horrific, incomprehensible action and it pulls the rug out from under you. And Bill did that and the movie Rudderless does that; it pulls a rug out from under you. Your breath gets knocked out of you, you go, “[Gasp].” And suddenly you are reevaluating Billy Crudup’s relationship with his son from a completely different perspective and, again, I just think that’s masterful storytelling. The other reason is Billy Crudup’s performance. And, acting with Billy Crudup, I mean, what, did I do two scenes with him, maybe three? It really changed the target for me. I went, “Oh that’s what good acting is.” Really, and it really informed my work on American Crime. So for me it was a clinic on great acting. So for those two reasons. Read More: // here

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#5. Watchmen
Watchmen is more than just a ridiculously underrated film, it also happens to be one of my favorites of all time. Zack Snyder has an amazing visual style that makes me love almost every single one of his movies. People were annoyed that Watchmen, very often called the greatest graphic novel of all time, was adapted into a movie. Some said, because of the changes to the costumes, that it wasn’t enough like the book, which is bull because others said it was over-reliant to the source material. I personally think it was just right. It captured pretty much everything great about the book, then put it on the screen with great special effects, action, and music. The all-star cast was brilliant in recreating these iconic characters. I was especially into Billy Crudup’s haunting monotone voice as Dr. Manhattan. I think they picked the perfect director and cast for this superhero phenomenon. Read More: [Continue]

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Time again for the film critics’ annual self-indulgence (as opposed to all those weekly self-indulgences): The Top 10 List. Here are 10 movies that, at this writing, I’m willing to admit I really liked and found memorable…
Rudderless—Also overlooked, William H. Macy’s debut feature as a director is a painful and emotionally challenging drama about the power of music. After his son’s tragic death, a stricken father (Billy Crudup) discovers, and starts performing, beautiful songs written by the boy. Crudup does his best movie work since his (very different) performance in Almost Famous. Continue here

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On the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Jason Biggs plays the husband of a woman who definitely swings both ways when it comes to being involved intimately with men and women. While Biggs, best on known as the star of the American Pie comedies, says he ‘has never had those desires’ towards other men, he has certainly had his crushes. ‘I have a few of them, to tell you the truth,’ he tells The Advocate in an interview posted Friday (9 January). ‘You know who I really like? Mark Ruffalo. He’s got this rugged thing and a good vibe going on. I don’t know him personally, but feel like I like him as a person and for what he stands for.’ So who is the other crush? ‘Billy Crudup is amazing,’ Biggs says. ‘I had a dude crush on him when we worked together on The 24 Hour Plays. He’s quite a sweetheart – and pretty easy to look at. Continue here

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December 1: ‘Almost Famous’. Continue here