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My Journey…

The journey began sometime around 1998. I saw Sleepers on the cinema and thought “who the hell is that?” I knew the rest of the cast – Patric, Pitt, Ellard – just not the fourth!!! A couple of years later – around 2000 – I saw Billy in another film (maybe Almost Famous?) when I recognised him but did not know where from. I looked him up and realised “aahhh it’s that guy from Sleepers!”

In 2001 I began the mailing list and website so I could follow his career and meet other fans. I just missed him in Measure For Measure when I visited New York the summer of 2001 – I vowed I would eventually get to see him on stage.

March 30, 2011

I finally did it!!! The Barrymore Theatre in New York in Arcadia. I was third row and sat awe-struck at the fact he was there right in front of me. It might have taken 10 years – but he was worth the wait and it will not take me another 10 years to see him on stage again!!!