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What appeals to me about Billy as an actor, is his speed of thought and his facility within that to find such truthful notes… I will admit that as a director you have to shove him emotionally at times. He has a tendency to resist any hint of sentimentality, which can make him shy away from sentiment itself. I’d have to say ‘get over it’ and push him into that deep end of the pool.” John Crowley, Stage Director – The Pillowman (Show People, Summer 2005)

2017/18: Harry Clarke
2013/14: No Man’s Land / Waiting for Godot
2011: Arcadia
2010: The Metal Children
2006/2007: Coast of Utopia
2005: Pillow Man
2002: Elephant Man
2002: Resistible Rise of Artuto Ui
1997: Three Sisters
1996: Bus Stop
1995: Arcadia

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Arcadia 2011 My Photos