Latest News • ‘Alien: Covenant’ Star Billy Crudup Breaks Down His Most Terrifying Scene
Welcome! The aim of this website is to bring up to date information about the career of Billy Crudup. This site will focus on career only. “I’m trying to make a living by pretending to be different people, and if people know too much about me, that makes it really hard to do a job that I already find difficult. Then there’s nothing I can do to convince anybody that I’m you know, an ex-con from Queens” Source: U.S. (Feb 1999)

Jules   Apr 30, 2017   'Justice League', Interview, ‘Alien: Covenant’

Actor Billy Crudup came to the Florida Film Festival for a Friday showing of “Jesus’ Son,” a 1999 drama in which his character finds redemption. But two upcoming movies this year — “Alien: Covenant” and “Justice League” — are bound to bring heavy attention to the actor. He’s a familiar face for “Almost Famous,” “Jackie,” “Spotlight,” “20th Century Women” and many other films. Read More: // here

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* Without Limits
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Jules   Apr 23, 2017   Media, ‘Alien: Covenant’

Jules   Apr 23, 2017   ‘Alien: Covenant’

The title is a clue as to the spoilers I’m referring to, which take place near the opening of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, in theaters May 19th. Read More: // here

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It’s coming this Friday, when the curtain rises on one of the top film festivals in the country. This year’s Florida Film Festival is going to be the biggest one ever, said Tim Anderson, programming coordinator for the Enzian theater. Let the binge watching begin.

And for those who love the Tim Burton classic “Big Fish” and “Public Enemies,” actor Billy Crudup will be in attendance for a Q&A session after a showing of his starring role in the 1999 film “Jesus’ Son.”

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Jules   Apr 23, 2017   ‘Alien: Covenant’

20th Century Fox has released two promo clips for “Alien: Covenant” ahead of its release date on May 19. The clips are titled “Crew Messages: Daniels” and “Crew Messages: Oram”, featuring the two Covenant crew members sending messages to their loved ones as they embark on their mission, AceShowbiz said.
Katherine Waterston’s Daniels sends a message to her father in the first clip. While she says her words gently, the transmission is interrupted by glitches and intercut with glimpses of horrifying events which lie ahead. “If something does happen to me, Dad, I just want you to know [that] I love you so much,” says Daniels close to the end of the clip. The second clip, meanwhile, is much shorter, featuring Billy Crudup’s Oram sending message to his family and friends. “The majesty of creation lies before us now,” he says in the first part of the clip. Like Daniels’ clip, this video also features eerie glitches. Read More: // here

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Actor Billy Crudup attends the Food Bank for New York City Can-Do Awards Dinner 2017 on April 19, 2017 in New York City. View: // here

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The world film premiere will take place at Odeon Leicester Square, London on Thursday 4th May 2017.

Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demian Bichir, James Franco confirmed to walk the red carpet.


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The most fashionable films aren’t always good—sometimes the look alone draws you in. Take Inventing the Abbotts, which turns 20 today. The cult ’90s movie was never a hit (its 31 percent Rotten Tomatoes score is a testament to that), and the male revenge–driven melodrama has aged poorly. Instead, its charm lies in its overview of classic Americana—a nostalgic document of the ’50s with hoop skirts, hot rods, and mid-century design taking centerstage. Read More: // here

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The actor: Billy Crudup’s considerable résumé is filled with prestige projects. This illustrious tradition began when he started out two decades ago in Barry Levinson’s Sleepers, starring alongside Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, and he hasn’t slowed down since. Along the way he’s taken on iconic roles like Almost Famous’ Russell, Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan, and William in Big Fish. You’ve also heard his melodious voice announce MasterCard punchline “priceless” for several years. At this point in his career, Crudup seems able to pick and choose his prestige projects, racking up appearances in a number of recent Oscar nominees. His latest movie, 1 Mile To You, comes out on video-on-demand April 7. He plays a running coach, graduating from the track star he played in Without Limits. Crudup talked to The A.V. Club about some of his most noteworthy roles, as a well as a few also-rans. As you talk to him, you get the feeling that he’s one of those actor’s actors, the type that thinks so much about the process, he was more concerned with getting into Dr. Manhattan’s head than how that high-stakes movie would be received. Read More: // here