Carrie archives Fisher
Sep 22, 2018   Leave a Comment press / article

When Carrie Fisher’s health deteriorated rapidly and she passed away suddenly in late December of 2016, movie fans of all kinds were in mourning. Regardless of whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, her passing was tragic and unfortunate, to say the least. She was a natural-born talent, obviously inheriting a knack for show business from her mom and dad. The daughter of Old Hollywood powerhouse Debbie Reynolds and pop musician and actor Eddie Fisher, Carrie was initially reluctant to assimilate into the Hollywood lifestyle of her parents. She’d dabbled in acting, but her role of Princess Leia was definitely her big break—it arrived while she was in school, trying to finish her degree. From that point forward, she would be remembered for her outspokenness when it came to mental health and her signature sardonic sense of humor in addition to her numerous famous roles, as well as her lesser-known role as a Hollywood script doctor. Read more here

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