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Dec 27, 17   0 Comment 'Carrie Remembered'

Mark Hamill has honoured his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher with a touching tribute on the first anniversary of her death. The actress, who played Princess Leia in the franchise, passed away at the age of 60 on 27 December 2016, days after she suffered a heart attack while on a flight from London to […]

There’s a reason to stay for the credits at the conclusion of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” No, Lucasfilm hasn’t taken a page out of Marvel’s playbook with a post-credits scene, but there is a touching tribute to the late Carrie Fisher midway through the end titles. “In loving memory of our princess, Carrie Fisher,” […]

Dec 27, 17   0 Comment 'Carrie Remembered'

A new Star Wars film, heralded as the “best since Empire”, is about to be released. For fans of the franchise, however, a sadder date is approaching. December 27 will mark a year since the tragic death of Carrie Fisher, adored for her role in the space saga as Princess (later General) Leia Organa – […]

The Force is strong with Billie Lourd and her late mother Carrie Fisher. Read More here

Billie Lourd’s sweet tribute to her late mom was perfect in every way. Read More here

The spirit of the late Carrie Fisher could be felt throughout the galaxy far, far away at the Los Angeles premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Saturday night. “I want to dedicate tonight to Carrie, who is up there right now flipping me the bird,” writer-director Rian Johnson said onstage alongside stars of the […]

Dec 12, 17   0 Comment 'Carrie Remembered'

Carrie Fisher may have been the “madcap Auntie Mame” to Mark Hamill’s “square” homebody, but despite their differences, the Star Wars siblings got along famously right until the end. Read More here

Dec 02, 17   0 Comment 'Carrie Remembered'

Luke and Leia’s bond was nothing compared to Gary and Millie Grace’s. Read More here

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