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Mar 16, 19   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

When Catastrophe returns to Amazon for season four on Friday, it will mark the end the series as well as pay tribute to Carrie Fisher, the late-actress who appeared opposite creators and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney as the actor’s outspoken mother Mia. Read More here

Feb 17, 19   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

Mia Norris will receive a fitting send-off in the show’s final episode. Read More here

Jul 15, 17   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

Actress played Rob Delaney’s overbearing mother on British series, ‘Catastrophe’ Read More: // here

May 04, 17   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

“It’s great TV.” Those are Carrie Fisher’s final words on “Catastrophe,” in a posthumous appearance in the Season 3 finale, but she might as well have been speaking about herself. In an interview with IndieWire, co-creators, writers and stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan discussed that final scene and Fisher’s impact upon the series. Read […]

Apr 09, 17   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

CARRIE FISHER’S final appearance on Catastrophe was marked with a poignant tribute to the late actress during last night’s season three climax, which left viewers in tears. Read More: // here

Mar 26, 17   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

“It’s really quite beautiful.” Read More: // here

Feb 12, 17   0 Comment 'catastrophe '

Carrie Fisher’s role in the third series of Channel 4 sitcom Catastrophe will be a “fitting tribute”, say its makers. Read More: // here

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