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Billie Lourd is opening up about the love and lessons she learned from her late mother, Carrie Fisher, in an emotionally charged message on Instagram. Read More: // here

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As of Thursday, there are more than 35,000 signatures. Read More: // here

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Screencaps from the following added to the Gallery.
* Return of the Jedi
* The Graham Norton Show (16 December 2016)
* The Big Bang Theory (episode “The Convention Conundrum”)
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Dec 31, 2016   Leave a Comment remembering carrie

In the two days since actress and writer Carrie Fisher’s death at age 60, friends and strangers have publicly shared stories of her kindness, particularly in times of struggle with mental illness and addiction — two challenges Fisher faced openly. But few stories are as personal and raw as one posted Thursday by the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss, Fisher’s longtime friend who appeared in the 1990 film version of her novel “Postcards from the Edge,” for which Fisher also wrote the screenplay. Read More: // here

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As the world mourned the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds this week — with Reynolds dying just one day after her daughter — an image surfaced that captured the attention of Hollywood and beyond. The photograph, shot in black and white, shows a young Fisher waiting in the wings, watching in awe as Reynolds performed on stage. It seems to encompass so much of what the world knew of them — Fisher’s life as the daughter of an acting icon, and that indescribable bond between mother and child seen in their interviews and depicted in the Star Wars star’s writing. Read More: // here

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When the news broke that Carrie Fisher died, the Internet rose up as one and cried out with sadness. Our princess, our General, is gone. Here at Nerdist, the mourning felt quieter, more intimate. For many of us, Star Wars and the community that grew on the Internet around science fiction, books, movies, and what may be labelled by the world as “nerd culture” is home, and Carrie Fisher has always been there. Read More: // here

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HBO’s buzzy Bright Lights documentary is being moved up to a Jan. 7 air date after the passing of its subjects, Hollywood icons Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The premium cabler had originally planned to air the documentary in March. Read More: // here

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When I met Carrie Fisher at last May’s Cannes Film Festival to moderate a panel with her, her beloved French bulldog Gary, and director Fisher Stevens celebrating the World Premiere of their new documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, I had no clue of course that just seven months later both of the title stars of this remarkable film would be gone well before its scheduled debut on HBO in the spring of 2017. Watching it then in stops and starts on my laptop (with the horrible wifi in my hotel room) in order to prep for the panel, I couldn’t turn away from it and was struck by how brutally honest both Carrie and Debbie were in presenting themselves to the world in this way, warts and all. Read More: // here

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The deaths of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher over the past 48 hours have left the team behind the upcoming HBO documentary on the mother and daughter reeling from shock. “Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds” is a chronicle of the extraordinary bond that mother and daughter forged over six decades in the unrelenting glare of showbiz’s spotlight. Documentary vets Fisher Stevens and Alexis Bloom directed the film, which screened in October at the New York Film Festival and before that in May at Cannes. Read More: // here

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Actress and writer Carrie Fisher, who rose to prominence for portraying Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” franchise, died Dec. 27 at age 60 . “Star Wars” costar Harrison Ford responded to the news with the following: Read More: // here

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