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Screencaps from the following added to the Gallery.
* the burbs
* when harry met sally
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Oct 01, 2016   Leave a Comment 'Star Wars'

October 6-16
Oct 08: empire strikes back (Century Cinema, Corte Madera @ 2:30 PM)
Oct 08: return of the jedi (Century Cinema, Corte Madera @ 6:30 PM)
Oct 11: star wars: a new hope (Century Cinema, Corte Madera @ 11:00 AM)
Official Website: // here

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The basic pages are now online and although the gallery is very small at the moment, that will increase over the coming weeks. For the latest news and updates feel free to join the facebook page.

Film Society announces full slate of nonfiction features screening at the 54th NYFF
Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
Directed by Alexis Bloom & Fisher Stevens
USA, 2016, DCP, 96m
Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds are now the best of friends (they live steps away from each other in their Beverly Hills compound) and the very definition of Hollywood royalty. But unlike today’s newly minted celebrities, they are both open books. After six decades of screen and stage stardom; a couple of disastrous marriages and assorted financial ups and downs for Reynolds; and, for Fisher, well-publicized drug addiction, bipolar disorder, and deity status (see: Star Wars), neither has anything left to hide. Bright Lights is an affectionate, often hilarious, and unexpectedly moving valentine to the mother-daughter act to end all mother-daughter acts. An HBO Documentary Films release.
Monday, Oct 10, 6pm (ATH)
Tuesday, Oct 11, 9:15pm (BWA)
Read More: // here

One cannot look at Carrie Fisher without thinking of Star Wars and that Princess Leia hairdo. On Sunday night at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier of Place des Arts, Fisher hosted a gala at the Just for Laughs festivals. How did she do? Here’s what our panel had to say: Read More: // here

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