Oct 12 @ 19:10 – Heathers (Carolina Theatre of Durham, 309 West Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701) // X

USA has just revealed the Mr. Robot season 4 poster, which will bring the cyber-security series to a close. While it’s light on specifics, it does tease the final season’s Christmas setting. Continue here

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* Mr Robot Season 1

May 20 @ 19:30 – True Romance (Astor Theatre Melbourne) / x

Jul 06 @ 20:45 – True Romance / Natural Born Killers (Prince Charles Cinema, London) // x

“Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail has confirmed the fourth and final season of his USA drama will come to an end in a way that will pay homage to British television series. “You know what they typically do at the end — like [in] the British ‘Office’ — they tend to do a Christmas special. And, so the final season of ‘Mr. Robot’ is one very long Christmas special. It’ll last over about a week over Christmas of 2015,” Esmail said at Tribeca Film Festival’s “A Farewell to “Mr. Robot” conversation on Sunday. Read More here

May 11 @ 20:45 – True Romance (Prince Charles Cinema, London) // X
Jul 06 @ 20:45 – True Romance / Natural Born Killers (Prince Charles Cinema, London) // X

Salon sits down with the erstwhile Brat Packer to discuss his new movie “The Public,” a film 12 years in the making. Read More here

Talk about commitment! Emilio Estevez’s new film, “The Public,” is finally in theaters. It’s the result of a 12-year push Estevez was determined to see to the end. “This started April 1, 2007,” Estevez said in a recent appearance on “Popcorn with Peter Travers.” “I read an article written by a librarian who was retiring from Salt Lake City. His name was Chip Ward. The piece was about how libraries had become de facto homeless shelters.” Read More here

Director Michael Lehmann was shocked when he looked at the New York Times and Los Angeles Times entertainment sections and saw there were no ads for the second week of dark high school comedy “Heathers.” When the film opened on March 31, 1989, the indie film studio New World had taken out ads for the comedy that featured Winona Ryder and Christian Slater in career-defining performances. “It had played at Sundance and had gotten a lot of attention,” he noted. “We were really looking forward to see what would happen when it hit theaters. The first weekend was great — a good screen average for a little indie movie like that. We were super happy.” But without more ads they knew their little film would be in trouble. Read More here


Mr Robot – Season 4
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Jul 06 @ 20:45 – True Romance / Natural Born Killers (Prince Charles Cinema, London) // X
Oct 12 @ 19:10 – Heathers (Carolina Theatre of Durham, Durham, NC 27701) // X

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