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July 29, 2018   Jules   Chat Show / Appearance Be first to comment

Tu 7/31: Christian Slater, Sean Spicer, Dan + Shay

We 8/1: Mila Kunis, Christina Slater, PrettyMuch


July 26, 2018   Jules   'The Public' Be first to comment

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July 15, 2018   Jules   Flashback Be first to comment

June 22, 2018   Jules   Chat Show / Appearance Be first to comment

Christian Slater is officially in the hot seat! Favorite summer getaway? Board shorts or speedos? Favorite summer jam? TODAY’S Hoda Kotb fires out a handful of questions at her fourth hour guest co-host — and he answers! Read More here

June 18, 2018   Jules   Chat Show / Appearance Be first to comment

Thursday, June 21
(10-11 a.m.) Christian Slater on Today. Ambush Makeovers. Buzzworthy & Breakthrough Beauty. Lester Holt and the Rough Cuts performs on Today.
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June 12, 2018   Jules   'The Wife' Be first to comment

The title of the film, The Wife, gives away about as much as the titular character. Is she a good one? A bad lady? The answer is a mystery for a large portion of this slow-burning character study. One thing’s for certain, this wifey is brimming with conflicting emotions in this bittersweet, character-driven drama.

Christian Slater meanwhile, is on hand playing a cunning hack journalist hell-bent on writing Joe’s biography. He looks poised to expose or at least topple this celebrated author from his mantle.

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April 29, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

The mind-bending “Mr. Robot” represents new narrative territory for Christian Slater, as it would for most actors. But the titular role, the cyber-anarchist who sets a global economic collapse in motion, fits into the CV of the veteran of such counterculture roles as “Heathers” and “Pump Up the Volume.” Read More here

April 22, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

The Mr Robot actor, 48, talks about voicing Deadshot in animation Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, building a Lego London and being ‘geek’ cool. Read More here

April 13, 2018   Jules   'The Wife', Media / Trailer Be first to comment

April 13, 2018   Jules   'Suicide Squad', Press / Interview Be first to comment

The DC Animated Universe is about to get a lot nastier with their latest release, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. For their third R-rated feature, the gang behind recent hits like Batman & Harley Quinn and Justice League Dark gathered Amanda Waller’s favorite band of bad guys forced to do good. Prepare for a bloody, funny and, at times, filthy battle against baddie Vandal Savage! Read More here

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