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June 24, 2018   Jules   'Yellowstone' Be first to comment

Boosted by the star power of Kevin Costner, the two-hour series premiere of Yellowstone on Paramount Network averaged 2.8 million viewers in Live+same day to become the most-watched original scripted series telecast ever on Paramount Network — up triple-digits from the net’s primitive averages — and on its predecessor Spike. Read More here

June 23, 2018   Jules   'Yellowstone' Be first to comment

The Paramount Network’s first scripted dramatic series, Yellowstone, arrives with a swagger, intent on taking its place in the long, heady history of American stories about big, big money. Like Dallas crossed with the movie Giant, this expensive-looking TV show mixes soapy domestic melodrama with a sweeping, modernized take on the Western genre, set in and around a Montana ranch described as “the size of Rhode Island” — filled with huge houses, herds of animals, and dozens of employees. Yellowstone even features a bona fide movie star as its lead: Kevin Costner, one of the few remaining Hollywood actors with extensive experience anchoring popular Westerns. Read More here

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June 12, 2018   Jules   'Yellowstone' Be first to comment

Yellowstone, a scripted dramatic series for the Paramount Network, will premiere on Wednesday, June 20th. Starring actor and Oscar-winner Kevin Costner in the lead role, Yellowstone is written and directed by critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Taylor Sheridan. Read More here