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November 11, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

After more than 40 years in the spotlight, the actor is about to be more prominent than ever, starring in the final season of House of Cards. Read More here

November 4, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

With friends like her, who needs enemies? On the final season of “House of Cards,” Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) ascent to power brings an old friend back into her life — but Annette Shepherd, as embodied by new cast member Diane Lane, knows all of Claire’s secrets. Along with her brother Bill (Greg Kinnear), she’s not afraid to tap into them to get what she wants out of the new woman in charge. Here, as part of Variety‘s “House of Cards” cover story, Lane talks about joining the cast of “Cards” for its final arc, how she thinks fans will respond, and how the showrunners managed to stay ahead of what’s really happening in Washington. Read More here

November 4, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

The actress also opens up about wading into the world of television. Read More here

October 18, 2018   Jules   'Streets of Fire', DVD Alert Be first to comment

Get ready, Streets of Fire is blasting back to Blu-ray with a beautiful new release. Shout Factory has announced that one of Walter Hill’s most beloved classics is getting a new 35th Anniversary Steelbook Edition. And it looks absolutely stunning. This two-disc set is loaded down with great special features that any fan will surely want to check out. Read More here

October 18, 2018   Jules   General Be first to comment

The Oscar nominee, previously with UTA, will be seen on both ‘House of Cards’ and ‘The Romanoffs’ this fall. Read More here

October 7, 2018   Jules   Press / Article Be first to comment

Screenwriter Audrey Wells has died just one day before her film The Hate U Give hit cinemas.

Audrey was a writer on George Of The Jungle, Shall We Dance? and A Dog’s Purpose, and was the writer, producer and director on the 2003 Diane Lane film Under The Tuscan Sun.

Read More here

September 22, 2018   Jules   Event Be first to comment

The event held at the Terraces of the Opera of Monte Carlo this month will include live performances by Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers, and Chic. It is chaired by a huge list of celebrities including; Madonna, Li Bing Bing, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Robert Davi, Andy Garcia, Goldie Hawn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Olga Kurylenko, Eva Longoria, Diane Lane, Kelly Slater, Robin Thicke and Chris Tucker. Read More here

September 12, 2018   Jules   Gallery Be first to comment

Added screencaps from the following to the Gallery.

* Justice League

August 29, 2018   Jules   'House of Cards' Be first to comment

“House of Cards” will invoke the politically influential Koch brothers in its upcoming sixth and final season. New cast members Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will play Annette Shepherd and Bill Shepherd, a brother and sister who run Shepherd Unlimited, described by Netflix as “a leading industrial conglomerate whose family foundations exert a powerful behind-the-scenes force in the American political landscape.” The Shepherds are said to have a “complicated past” with Frank and Claire Underwood, the central characters on “House of Cards.” Read More here