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Apr 13, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Giant', Press / Article

A new book by Don Graham, an English professor at the University of Texas in Austin, delves into the making of the award-winning 1956 film based on Edna Ferber’s novel, Giant, and explores the rise of America as a superpower, the ascent of Hollywood celebrity and the flowering of Texas culture as mythology. Featuring James […]

Mar 10, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Article

Elizabeth Taylor was truly one of a kind. The legendary actress, who was born on Feb. 27, 1932, in London, was known around the globe for her massive movie roles — Cleopatra, anyone? — as well as her over-the-top style, penchant for diamonds, HIV/AIDS activism, and complicated love life. The Hollywood icon passed away in […]

Feb 10, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Article

Late last year, the Los Angeles LGBT Center announced plans to build a new low-income campus for seniors, funded in part by the Anita May Rosenstein Foundation. This year, thanks to a new grant of $25,000 from the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, transgender patients will now be able to enjoy a host of new, free […]