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November 21, 2018

Ethan Hawke sometimes seems like the guy that wasn’t meant to be an actor but he slipped through the screening process and made it onto a set anyway. Take that as you will but in addition to this he got to stay by proving that he could act and that he could be worth the effort of giving a bit of fame to in order to get his career rolling. Since that time he’s played a lot of different roles, a good number of which have been individuals that have a rather interesting if tragic or dark past and are skilled in one way or another or simply get lucky when they need to. Some people haven’t been quite as convinced that he’s everything that others say he’s worth and more, but overall Hawke has matured into a fine actor and is able to hold his spot in any feature with a fair amount of ease. Here are some of the best movies of his career. Read More here

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