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Apr 20, 19   Jules   0 Comment 'Adopt a Highway'

Logan Marshall-Green talks about his directorial debut and working with his dream lead in Ethan Hawke. Read More here

Mar 27, 19   Jules   0 Comment 'Adopt a Highway'

SXSW 2019: Hawke plays an ex-convict who’s finally gained his freedom after a 21-year jail sentence. Read More here

Feb 23, 19   Jules   0 Comment 'Adopt a Highway', Screening

Mar 8–17, 2019 Austin, TX Director/Screenwriter: Logan Marshall-Green After being released from prison following a twenty year sentence for a minor offense, an ex-con must learn to navigate the world while coming to terms with his own life which has moved on — all while caring for an abandoned baby he finds in a dumpster. […]