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Nov 21, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked

Rose Byrne and Ethan Hawke star in the off-beat, romantic comedy Juliet, Naked, based on the novel by best-selling author Nick Hornby. It is the story of Annie (Byrne), the long-suffering girlfriend of Duncan (Chris O’Dowd), who develops an unlikely transatlantic romance with the once-admired, now washed-up singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe (Hawke), who also happens to […]

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked

Even the whimsical humour can’t always hide the desperation of the characters as they see their opportunities for happiness and fulfilment slipping away. Read More here

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked

If we’re a generation past the point of finding Nick-Hornby-style nerd behaviour lovable or endearing, let’s just say we have a lot in common with Annie (Rose Byrne), the main character in Juliet, Naked, who finds herself essentially stuck in a Nick Hornby romcom – it’s derived from his 2009 novel, in fact – with […]

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked, Press / Interview

Every so often you have to pinch yourself in this industry, and standing there, watching Ethan Hawke sing Waterloo Sunset live on a film set, was one such moment. The only downside was, as one of our favourite songs of all time, we had to listen to it about fifty times over. Which isn’t fun […]

Aug 18, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked

Rose Byrne and director Jesse Peretz tell IndieWire how they turned another story about male obsessions into a satisfying film about a woman’s heart. Read More here