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Jan 06, 19   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

Three film luminaries — Paul Schrader, Christine Vachon and Ethan Hawke — shared the stage recently at Deadline’s The Contenders New York to ruminate on a subject often left on the cutting-room floor: religion. Read More here

Jan 06, 19   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

The First Reformed star joins this week’s Little Gold Men podcast to talk about Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and why we don’t need the popular-film Oscar. Read More here

Jan 06, 19   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

First Reformed is like nothing Ethan Hawke is famous for. The hero in Paul Schrader’s movie about religion and corruption and the environment isn’t greasy and flirtatious or artfully disheveled; he’s not even funny. He’s desperate and jumpy, holding everything inside. Reverend Toller’s faith in the church has decayed somewhat, but he’s also got an […]

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment Juliet Naked, Press / Interview

Every so often you have to pinch yourself in this industry, and standing there, watching Ethan Hawke sing Waterloo Sunset live on a film set, was one such moment. The only downside was, as one of our favourite songs of all time, we had to listen to it about fifty times over. Which isn’t fun […]

Oct 07, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

Ethan Hawke has been busy. This summer he starred in Paul Schrader’s “First Reformed” and the Nick Hornby adaptation “Juliet, Naked.” The fourth film that Hawke directed, “Blaze,” is out now. Read More here

Sep 29, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

“Blaze” began with two friends talking about Texas musicians. In 2015, during Ethan Hawke’s breaks from filming “The Magnificent Seven” in East Feliciana Parish, the actor-director and his longtime pal, singer-songwriter Ben Dickey, discussed making movies about singer-songwriters. “Not just Blaze Foley,” Dickey said a few weeks ago from New York City, where he and […]

Sep 29, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

Ethan Hawke on his new film about singer-songwriter Blaze Foley. Read More here

Aug 18, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

When Ethan Hawke was 24, he became a Gen X pinup thanks to “Reality Bites.” As Troy Dyer, a good-looking slacker and aspiring musician with a wisp of a Van Dyke beard and a duffel bag full of unearned wisdom about life and materialism, Hawke defined the fears and hopes of young adults in the […]

Aug 08, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

He has an uncanny ability to embody the pivotal points in a man’s life: from high school (Dead Poets Society), through first love (Before Sunrise) and fatherhood (Boyhood), and into middle age (his newest films, First Reformed and Juliet, Naked). GQ’s Zach Baron talks about it all with a generational icon. Read More here