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Jul 15, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

The actor gives a stunning performance in Paul Schrader’s new film – a part he feels his whole career has been building to. Read More here

Jul 14, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

When Ethan Hawke was born, his great-grandmother believed he was destined to become a minister—to heed God’s calling where the other men in his family hadn’t. Looking back, Mr. Hawke believes, this was just “wishful thinking.” His grandfather, for example, served as a minor-league baseball commissioner and was elected to five terms in the Texas […]

Jun 23, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

Welcome to “Playback,” a Variety / iHeartRadio podcast bringing you exclusive conversations with the talents behind many of today’s hottest films. Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke is as prolific as ever. He sauntered into Sundance in January with two films in tow — the Blaze Foley biopic “Blaze” (a directorial effort) and the Nick Hornby adaptation […]

Jun 23, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

Ethan Hawke describes the first time he met Christian Slater — filling in Friday for Kathie Lee — at only 14-years-old. Hawke’s new film, “Blaze,” tells the story of “self-destructive” country musician Blaze Foley, who was shot and killed in 1989. Read More here

Jun 18, 18   Jules   0 Comment Press / Interview

An interview with actor Ethan Hawke, who brought his upcoming directorial effort, “Blaze,” to SIFF Cinema Egyptian in Seattle. Read More here