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Apr 21, 18   Jules   0 Comment Interview, Scandal

Creator Shonda Rhimes as well as stars Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield, Josh Malina, Guillermo Diaz, Joe Morton and George Newbern weigh in on the shocking death, how their respective journeys ended and more. Read More here

Apr 21, 18   Jules   0 Comment Interview

After seven seasons, the series finale of the hit drama Scandal has ended. Little Rock native George Newbern who played Charlie in the series sat down with Renee Shapiro and talked about how his guest role evolved into a main character. Read More here

Apr 13, 18   Jules   0 Comment Interview

George Newbern’s career in film and television has spanned several decades and has shown his immense versatility, from his debut arc as Payne McIlroy in “Designing Women” to his current role as Charlie, the former B613 assassin, who is now a member of what was formerly Olivia Pope and Associates and is now Quinn Perkins […]

Oct 07, 17   Jules   0 Comment Interview, Scandal

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Thursday, October 5, 2017.

Mar 19, 17   Jules   0 Comment Interview

George Newbern is an American television, film, and voice actor with an extensive resume to his name. He is perhaps most recognised for his role in the 1991 movie, Father of the Bride, however, he has starred in numerous films and TV shows including Friends, Designing Women and Saw VI. George is also a voice […]

Mar 15, 17   Jules   0 Comment Interview

Charlie on ABC’s Scandal “looks” relatively harmless, doesn’t he? But then there’s this really weird side to him that causes him to torture and kill people. Our boy Charlie is deftly played by George Newbern. Read More: // here

Feb 25, 17   Jules   0 Comment Interview

The actor explains how he prepared for role in Scandal. Read More: // here

Oct 12, 14   Jules   0 Comment Interview

If you don’t watch Scandal, you might know George Newbern as Bryan MacKenzie from Father of the Bride, or maybe as the voice of Superman in the Justice League animated series. You know, nice, honorable characters. On the other hand, if you do watch Scandal, then you know his as Charlie — a contract killer […]

Apr 19, 14   Jules   0 Comment Interview

“Scandal” wraps up its season on Thursday night with an episode that puts the presidential candidates under pressure — and nothing is off limits as they each try to capture votes. But first, they have a funeral to attend, one that is only taking place because Maya/Marie (Khandi Alexander), Olivia’s mother, killed a prominent senator […]