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Jules   Mar 19, 2017   Interview

George Newbern is an American television, film, and voice actor with an extensive resume to his name. He is perhaps most recognised for his role in the 1991 movie, Father of the Bride, however, he has starred in numerous films and TV shows including Friends, Designing Women and Saw VI. George is also a voice actor, best known for voicing Superman in the Justice League series. Since 2012, George has been starring as TV’s most lovable assassin Charlie in Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal. Whilst he was initially drafted in for one episode, he has since been a popular recurring character, starring in over 40 episodes. Read More: // here

Jules   Mar 15, 2017   Interview

Charlie on ABC’s Scandal “looks” relatively harmless, doesn’t he? But then there’s this really weird side to him that causes him to torture and kill people. Our boy Charlie is deftly played by George Newbern. Read More: // here

Jules   Feb 25, 2017   Interview

The actor explains how he prepared for role in Scandal. Read More: // here

Jules   Oct 12, 2014   Interview

If you don’t watch Scandal, you might know George Newbern as Bryan MacKenzie from Father of the Bride, or maybe as the voice of Superman in the Justice League animated series. You know, nice, honorable characters. On the other hand, if you do watch Scandal, then you know his as Charlie — a contract killer who is anything but nice.
Charlie’s back on tonight’s episode of Scandal, and we can’t wait to see what happens when the stone cold killer comes face-to-face with his ex lover, Quinn. Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted with George about Charlie and Quinn’s relationship, Father of the Bride, his newest project, Granite Flats, and the price of civilization. Really! Continue here

Jules   Apr 19, 2014   Interview

“Scandal” wraps up its season on Thursday night with an episode that puts the presidential candidates under pressure — and nothing is off limits as they each try to capture votes. But first, they have a funeral to attend, one that is only taking place because Maya/Marie (Khandi Alexander), Olivia’s mother, killed a prominent senator in order to get all the important people in Washington, D.C. in one place at the same time. Continue @

Jules   Apr 19, 2014   Interview, Media/Video

Continue @

Jules   Apr 19, 2014   Interview

The actor opens up on coming to terms with being Bryan MacKenzie, the jobs he missed out on, and his Olivia Pope & Associates superfan. Continue @

Jules   Apr 19, 2014   Interview

A new episode of “Scandal” never fails to provide enough shock and OMG moments to get a few topics about the show trending on Twitter and with the way the last episode ended, it seems like the season finale coming up this week will have enough twists in store to keep the show’s die-hard fans tweeting up a storm. George Newbern, who plays B-613 agent Charlie on the series, recently talked to Rachel Smith, host of the “On The Red Carpet” TV show and and teased a little info about what’s Charlie has in store for Huck and Quinn. Continue @

Jules   Apr 13, 2014   Interview

Thanks to the genius of Shonda Rhimes and an amazing writing team, ABC’s Scandal has some of the most terrifying and beloved characters on television right now. Cyrus Beene, Eli Pope, Huck, even Mellie Grant—they’ve all sent some serious shivers down our spines over the past three seasons. But Charlie (no last name, obviously) is a very specific breed of scary. Everything this guy says is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and that would be fine if everything he said didn’t somehow reference killing or torturing someone, AKA what he did at work that day. George Newbern has been on a slew of television shows over the years, including Nip/Tuck and Providence, and many will recognize him as the voice of Superman/Clark Kent from Justice League. But his career took him for an exciting, twisted turn when he was cast as B6-13 CIA operative and, now, über-creepy boyfriend to Quinn Perkins on Scandal. Paste caught up with Newbern to talk about his early days in Arkansas and this crazy, wild ride in Shondaland. Continue @

Jules   Apr 13, 2014   Interview

“I don’t know exactly where the writers are going with it, but I suspect that B613 will survive no matter what. It will just take on a different form.” Continue @