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In Photos: Homecoming 2016

Alumni and students alike celebrated Homecoming Weekend this past weekend. With Scandal actor George Newbern as Grand Marshal, events for both current students and alumni and a win at Ryan Field, the weekend brought ‘Cats together from all walks of life. Read More: // here

‘Scandal’ star George Newbern to lead Northwestern homecoming parade

“Scandal” star George Newbern will serve as the grand marshal for Friday’s Northwestern University homecoming parade and pep rally, reps for the university announced Monday. Read More: // here

The Men Of Steel: 50 actors who played Superman

You spend nearly 80 years fighting for truth, justice and all the rest, you’re gonna go through a lot of tights, and Superman certainly has. Over the course of several generations he’s been brought to life on film, television, in animation, for video games, on radio and even the Broadway stage. What follows, then, is a look at 50 actors who have portrayed the last son of Krypton.
George Newbern
Once Tim Daly became tied up in other projects, George Newbern became the voice of the Man Of Steel on television, doing so for Static Shock (2000), The Batman (2004), Justice League (2001-04) and Justice League Unlimited (2004-06); the animated short film DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return Of Black Adam (2010) , the animated film Superman Vs The Elite (2012), and the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013). Says Newbern, “With Superman, super powers are just ancillary. It’s that character, with all those principles and understanding… that’s who he is right there. I htink I tried to portray a sense of trust and power and charisma for Superman. That’s what we believe Superman is.” Read More: // here

7 Times Scandal’s Charlie Brought His Killer Charm

Who knew the Father of the Bride guy would go on to become one of TV’s most loveable sociopaths? George Newbern, aka Charlie on Scandal, was such a soft-spoken wholesome fellow in that 1991 Steve Martin comedy. Fun Fact: The actress who plays his mom in Father of the Bride went on to become White House staffer Mary, aka personal secretary to Cyrus Beene. Though he’s the kind of guy no one would ever want to marry their daughter, Charlie has a certain killer charm. Let’s take a look at 7 top Charlie moments and feel free to add any others you can think of in the comments below. Now… Heeere’s Charlie! Read More: //

Emily S. Whitten: Awesome Con DC 2015

The next panel I moderated was for George Newbern, voice of Superman from Justice League, as well as many other voice and on-screen roles, including Father of the Bride, Friends, and tons more. He’s currently playing a fascinating role as Charlie on Scandal. George was delightfully interesting to listen to given his storied career, which also includes having read over a hundred audio books. It was pretty cool to hear him demonstrating coming up with something like 140 voices for the most recent book series he did. And of course it was awesome to have Superman sitting next to me for a few moments when he did that voice. (George also worked on Switching Channels with Christopher Reeve. How cool is that?) Read More: // here

#TGIT: 7 stars who rule ShondaLand

How many die-hard #TGIT fans have ever come up with the theory that Henry Burton never actually died on Grey’s Anatomy, but was actually always Jake Ballard from Scandal on some Seattle B613 work? It’s kind of a crazy thought, but it can easily come to mind because Shondaland has a bit of a reputation for keeping it in the family. Sadly, there’s pretty much no way there can ever be a logical crossover episode at this point because Thatcher Grey is the president’s chief of staff and that doesn’t make any sense. The amount of overlap across Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy is both subtle and numerous, so clearly it needs to be ranked.

2. George Newbern (Stan Mercer, Dr. Brian Reynolds, Charlie)
Poor George Newbern never gets to play the good guy. In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, he was Stan Mercer, the broken link in the domino kidney transplant that Dr. Bailey was planning. The random donor completing that chain of seven transplants wasn’t so random after all—it was Stan’s mistress. Yikes. On Private Practice, he played Dr. Brian Reynolds, who agreed with his patient when she decided to withhold any more chemotherapy. Double yikes. And then on Scandal, he plays Charlie—the B613 member who might have killed more people on the show than anyone else. But I’m sure George Newbern is a nice guy in real life. Hopefully? Continue here

Actor Newbern joins ‘Express Written Consent’

More than two decades have passed since he wooed audiences as the loveable future son-in-law of Steve Martin in “Father of the Bride,” but even as he approaches his 50th birthday, George Newbern still has that boy-next-door appeal. Fortunately for Newbern, who recently joined’s “Express Written Consent,” that hasn’t prevented him from spanning his acting wings to roles that aren’t quite so wholesome. These days, for example, you can find him playing the role of Charlie, the former CIA agent/snarky B613 assassin in the ABC hit show “Scandal.” Continue here

7 movies from the ’80s filmed in Toronto

The Silver Dollar Room makes another ’80s film appearance as the Blues Club where babysitter Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) and her brood are forced by Albert Collins to sing the ‘Babysitting Blues’ for their exit pass. Chris meets her hunky college guy and Daryl nearly gets his lights punched out at a frat party in a house on St. George Street. Chris finds her cheating boyfriend Mike with a date at the fancy restaurant, which was filmed in the Sutton Place Hotel on Wellesley Street. The Anderson residence was actually a home on Valleyanna Drive, near Bayview Avenue and Lawrence Avenue. Continue here