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February 22, 2018
Jules   Leave a Comment Scandal

It’s interesting that this show that’s so dramatic comes from such a utopian place.
I think it’s why. We’re all so goofy. Of course when we get super serious scenes, we take it seriously, and we give each other space, and the time to prepare and focus. But I have to be honest, at [Quinn Perkins and Associates], when it’s me and Guillermo [Diaz], and Kerry, and George [Newbern], and Darby [Stanchfield], or whatever. We’re silly as hell. We sing, and we dance a lot, and we hang out a lot, and we make fun of each other a lot. And I feel like that’s made the healthy work environment that allows us to kind of be as dark as we need to when they call us. I couldn’t imagine how exhausting it would be to be that intense, and that dark, in between all the takes, too.

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