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July 1: Friends and Lovers: Starring Stephen Baldwin, Danny Nucci and George Newbern.
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The next panel I moderated was for George Newbern, voice of Superman from Justice League, as well as many other voice and on-screen roles, including Father of the Bride, Friends, and tons more. He’s currently playing a fascinating role as Charlie on Scandal. George was delightfully interesting to listen to given his storied career, which also includes having read over a hundred audio books. It was pretty cool to hear him demonstrating coming up with something like 140 voices for the most recent book series he did. And of course it was awesome to have Superman sitting next to me for a few moments when he did that voice. (George also worked on Switching Channels with Christopher Reeve. How cool is that?) Read More: // here

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TV is full of weird tales, but “Granite Flats,” which just launched three full seasons on Netflix last Friday, makes for one of the oddest. And there’s a lot to learn from the family-friendly period drama with a high-caliber cast when it comes to both the state of children’s television and Netflix’s current strategy for bringing in new subscribers. Read More: [Continue]

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“Granite Flats” is about to go mainstream. The 1960s Cold War-era drama, which boast name stars including Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”), indie fave Parker Posey (“Waiting for Guffman”) and George Newbern (“Scandal”), moves to Netflix this Friday after spending its first two seasons on BYUtv — the satellite and digitally-distributed network owned by Brigham Young University. “I’m aware of the fact that Chris [Lloyd] could go to a Comic-Con on the weekend playing Doc Brown and make more money than I’m paying him for three weeks of work,” says executive producer Scott Swofford. “He’s not doing it for the money but he really loves the material and the character.” (Netflix also bought the show’s previous two seasons, which will also be available Friday.) Lloyd, who joined the show in Season 2, plays an eccentric junior high school English teacher who instructs the show’s three main characters (his students): kid sleuths uncovering evidence about the strange goings-on in their small town of Granite Flats, Co., after a Soviet spy satellite falls from the sky. But while the series bills itself as family-friendly, the drama in this town is not just for kids. Its chief of police and the FBI are working to find a KGB spy hiding in their midst, and the CIA is running a top-secret program out of the local VA hospital to develop mind control as a weapon against the Soviets. “The adults and the kids are in serious dynamics with each other [which is] very important,” says Posey. She and Newbern are new to the cast in Season 3, playing estranged family members who come to Granite Flats as outsiders. Newbern stars as Scottie Andrews, a successful NYC attorney who returns to his hometown under mysterious circumstances. Posey’s character, the filterless Alice White, arrives to take care of her nephew after serving 14 years in jail for killing her fiance. “To play a woman freshly out of prison who had been broken and comes out as this Auntie Mame type really appealed to me,” Posey says. “I’ve always wanted to play women of that time. It’s really interesting to me what they had to go through — all the injustices — and yet they clonk around in these housecoats. “[Alice] also has seizures in which I see into the future. There was no way I could say no to that.” The addition of Posey and Newbern’s character backstories also lends a darker tone to Season 3, in which the kids have disbanded their detective agency and are now trying to sort out their relationship problems in the midst of the town’s spy activities. “It takes it to a bit more sophisticated place,” Swofford says. “People who really loved the first season, which was kind of about kids investigating stuff … Season 3 takes it in a different direction and they either like it or they don’t.” Read More: [Continue]

(9-10 a.m.) Christopher Lloyd, George Newbern and Parker Posey discuss Granite Flats. Read More: [Continue]

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Netflix will be the official streaming home to BYUtv’s Cold War drama series “Granite Flats.” The first-ever scripted series for BYUtv begins its third season May 15, and all three seasons will be available on Netflix. Season three launches with eight one-hour episodes. Parker Posey and George Newbern join the new round of episodes with series regulars Christopher Lloyd, Finola Hughes and Ivan Sergei. Read More: [Continue]

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#TBT to that time Jake (Scott Foley) killed people … a lot of people. That was the gist of Thursday night’s episode of Scandal, a stark reminder that, as sweetly as the one-time command treats Olivia (Kerry Washington), he’s still a trained assassin. Faced with David’s (Joshua Malina) plan to prosecute B613, Jake went into what Huck (Guillermo Díaz) termed “survival mode” – or, as we at PEOPLE call it, a murderous rage. Read More: [Continue]

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For fans of BYUtv’s Cold War drama, “Granite Flats,” the waiting game for Season 3 is over, in more ways than one. The show, BYUtv’s first original scripted series, has already completed two successful seasons with the third season premiering online April 4. Instead of having to wait for each episode to air, however, BYUtv announced Thursday that it will release the entire new third season, along with seasons one and two, for immediate viewing beginning April 4. The on-demand setup will allow fans of the show to watch all three seasons in their entirety online at or on any of the network’s digital platforms, including Amazon FireTV, Xbox360, Roku, Android and iOS. “Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to the first two seasons of ‘Granite Flats,’ we decided to release all three seasons online so that fans will not have to wait to find out what happens next,” said BYUtv’s managing director, Derek Marquis, in a press release on the subject. “We are thrilled that award-winning actors Parker Posey and George Newbern have joined cast members Christopher Lloyd, Finola Hughes and Ivan Sergei for this new season and are poised to bring even more intrigue, suspense and drama to the series. Fans can not only watch previous seasons at their convenience, but also immediately enjoy all new season three online or on their favorite device.” Read More: [Continue]

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From Broadway to Hollywood, Jonathan White is once again co-producing a night to remember for this year’s gala to support the Golden West Chapter of the ALS Association, with proceeds benefiting the continuing effort to fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Pasadena Playhouse will be full on the evening of April 20th with headliners of Broadway: Ed Asner, Emmy and Golden Globe award winner; Brent Barrett from Chicago, The Musical; and Bruce Vilance of Hairspray. Also on the program is comedian Wendy Liebman who’s been a regular on Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and had appearances on Comic Relief and Politically Incorrect. Singing, dancing, and trapeze and tightrope walking come in one package called The Flying Morgans, which KPCC calls “a family of vaudeville performers and contortionists living in a small castle in the Hollywood Hills.” For old-time flavor the evening welcomes Academy Award-winning composer—for Disney’s Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book—Richard Sherman. Television is represented by Scandal‘s George Newbern, Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter, In a Heartbeat‘s Reagan Pasternak, Galavant‘s Timothy Omudson, and, for soap opera fans, The Young and the Restless‘ Kate Linder (who’s been on the show since 1973!). The highlight may be Academy Award-winner Renée Zellweger, but for us who are going on ancient, we love seeing the cocked fedora and ageless smile of The Monkees‘ Micky Dolenz (and we’re not apologizing). “One Starry Night” will begin with a reception and silent auction followed by comedy, singing, dancing, flying, and contortions at 8 p.m. Dessert and a meet-and-greet with the cast follows the show at 10:30 p.m.
“One Starry Night”
Monday, April 20th @ 6 p.m.
Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena 91101
Tickets: $75-$150
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ABC’s “Scandal” continues to be the drama leader in demos over NBC’s “The Blacklist” in their high-profile Thursday battles, but a slump by the former has allowed the latter to close the gap. Last night, “The Blacklist” edged up while “Scandal” hit another low, and that softness extended to 10 p.m., where the Alphabet’s “American Crime” dipped further in its third week. Read More: [Continue]