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Welcome to George Newbern Archives (formerly George Newbern Online)
The aim of this website is to bring up to date information on the career of George Newbern. For more about the website and the webmistress check out the "site" section. This site will focus on career only and only basic personal information will be added. Thanks ~ Jules

Jules   Nov 17, 2013   Comment Media/Video

Jules   Nov 9, 2013   Comment Gallery

with screencaps from Numbers (“Killer Chat”) & Scandal (“Truth and Consequences” and “Nobody Likes Babies”)

Jules   Oct 23, 2013   Comment Site Updates

There will be fewer updates over the next month as it is the Rugby League World Cup and some of my weekends will be spent at games! News will be updated on a regular basis and I do have lots to add to the galleries through Dec and the holiday period. (Come on England!)

Jules   Oct 20, 2013   Comment Site Updates

Thanks to we now have a new layout! Look for lots of updates coming soon.

Jules   Sep 21, 2013   Comment Gallery

with screencaps from Scandal episodes “Blown Away” and “Spies Like Us”

Jules   Aug 26, 2013   Comment Site Updates

The server move is complete. Look for lots of updates over the coming weeks/months.