‘Scandal’ star George Newbern to lead Northwestern homecoming parade

“Scandal” star George Newbern will serve as the grand marshal for Friday’s Northwestern University homecoming parade and pep rally, reps for the university announced Monday. Read More: // here

[photo alert] Variety And Women In Film’s Pre-Emmy Celebration – Arrivals

Actor George Newbern attends Variety and Women in Film’s Pre-Emmy Celebration at Gracias Madre on September 16, 2016 in West Hollywood, California. View // here

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Our roundtable for Injustice 2 continues with the most iconic superhero of them all, Superman, who is voiced in just about all forms of DC Comics media by George Newbern. George Newbern has had a very interesting career as an actor. While some will instantly recognize him from various DC Comics properties, others will know him from Father of The Bride (and part 2), and even more will know him from his current show Scandal, where he plays an assassin named Charlie. Read More: // here

SDCC 2016- The Man Behind Injustice’s Superman- George Newbern

Injustice 2 Kastors KornerWe have only seen a little bit of Injustice 2, but the voice behind Superman, George Newbern, was at Comic Con to talk about playing the big guy in blue. George Newbern has been voicing Superman for a long time, so how does his work on Justice League differ from video game work? Read More: // here

Injustice 2 Revealing Two New Characters at Comic-Con

Developer NetherRealm Studios teases its big plans for Injustice 2 at Comic-Con 2016, which includes a Friday panel where it will reveal new characters, gameplay, and more. Full details for the Friday panel include the aforementioned reveals and gameplay, as well as more talk about the character customization coming to Injustice 2. Presumably that’s the element that will set this game apart from its predecessor, and factors into the elaborate costumes each hero and villain wear. Confirmed panelists for the Friday presentation include NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon, Injustice comic writer Tom Taylor, voice actor George Newbern (Superman), voice actor Phil LaMarr (Aquaman), and voice actor Laura Bailey (Supergirl). Read More: // here

The Men Of Steel: 50 actors who played Superman

You spend nearly 80 years fighting for truth, justice and all the rest, you’re gonna go through a lot of tights, and Superman certainly has. Over the course of several generations he’s been brought to life on film, television, in animation, for video games, on radio and even the Broadway stage. What follows, then, is a look at 50 actors who have portrayed the last son of Krypton.
George Newbern
Once Tim Daly became tied up in other projects, George Newbern became the voice of the Man Of Steel on television, doing so for Static Shock (2000), The Batman (2004), Justice League (2001-04) and Justice League Unlimited (2004-06); the animated short film DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return Of Black Adam (2010) , the animated film Superman Vs The Elite (2012), and the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013). Says Newbern, “With Superman, super powers are just ancillary. It’s that character, with all those principles and understanding… that’s who he is right there. I htink I tried to portray a sense of trust and power and charisma for Superman. That’s what we believe Superman is.” Read More: // here

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7 Times Scandal’s Charlie Brought His Killer Charm

Who knew the Father of the Bride guy would go on to become one of TV’s most loveable sociopaths? George Newbern, aka Charlie on Scandal, was such a soft-spoken wholesome fellow in that 1991 Steve Martin comedy. Fun Fact: The actress who plays his mom in Father of the Bride went on to become White House staffer Mary, aka personal secretary to Cyrus Beene. Though he’s the kind of guy no one would ever want to marry their daughter, Charlie has a certain killer charm. Let’s take a look at 7 top Charlie moments and feel free to add any others you can think of in the comments below. Now… Heeere’s Charlie! Read More: //

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