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Jul 26 @ 19:30 (Crest Theatre, Downtown Sacramento) / X
Aug 10 @ 20:10 (Golden Age Cinema, Sydney) / X
Aug 17 @ 20:30 (LA Arboretum – 301 N Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007) // X

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Ahh, Boston Legal. One of television’s finest legal dramedys of all time, the show ran for a criminally short 5 season, when it reigned among Primetime’s premium offerings until its unfortunate cancellation in 2008. Continue here

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Jun 09 @ 13:00 – Mannequin (Guild Cinema 3405 Central Avenue NE Albuquerque, NM) / X
Aug 17 @ 20:30 – Pretty in Pink (LA Arboretum – 301 N Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007) // X

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We are approaching The Blacklist season 7 on NBC, and at this point, it feels pretty clear that we’re closer to the end of this show then we are the beginning. With that in mind, isn’t it time to think of other ways to expand this universe? Is there a good spin-off idea to pursue? Continue here

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Mill Creek Entertainment Aug. 13 will release four more Blu-ray Disc titles in its Retro VHS collection: Roxanne, The New Kids, True Believer and White Line Fever.

The New Kids (1985) stars Lori Loughlin (“Full House”), long before she was accused in the college cheating scandal, as Abby McWilliams, who attracts the unwanted attention of teenage psychopath Eddie Dutra (James Spader, “The Blacklist”). Turned down for a date, Eddie destroys Abby’s home, vandalizes her uncle’s car and nearly stomps her brother to death. But it’s only when he kidnaps Abby from the school dance, that Eddie shows his true feelings. Fueled by cocaine and armed with a shotgun, Eddie’s lust turns to uncontrollable rage, as he takes Abby on a date from hell from the director of Friday the 13th.

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by Jules May 25, 2019 Comments Off on ‘Roxanne,’ ‘The New Kids’ and ‘True Believer’ Among Titles Joining Mill Creek’s Retro VHS Blu-ray Series

Spoiler Alert: This article reveals detail about tonight’s Season 6 finale of The Blacklist. Continue here

by Jules May 18, 2019 Comments Off on ‘Blacklist’ Finale: Captive Audience Awaiting Next Season Now Includes Red Reddington

The After Movie Diner started life simply as a film review blog/diary but quickly sprawled into a website featuring several podcasts, detailed film reviews, celebrity interviews and many collaborators and contributors. Take a look around, if you love movies of any kind then there’s something here for you!
Sleazy Spader Springtime!!!! Continue here to go to the podcasts to see reviews of Wolf, Alien Hunter, I Witness and more!!!

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If you’re not already a big-time fan of “The Blacklist”, you really should be. It’s one of the most interesting shows currently on television. And, if you’re missing it, you’re definitely missing one of the all-time best acting performances on earth. James Spader plays Raymond “Red” Reddington on the show and the part fits him to a “T”. According to Rolling Stone magazine Spader is the “strangest man on television’. He does actually have a few odd outlooks on life. He believes in negative population growth and says that’s why he has two sons with his ex-wife, one with his current girlfriend, and no more. That way the three boys will eventually replace the three of them. Interesting theory. He also freely admits to having some very strong obsessive-compulsive issues. He later stated that this affects his work in a positive way by manifesting itself in an obsessive attention to detail. This OCD attention to detail is what makes the Reddington character so amazingly intriguing to watch. And, watch we will, right up until the last episode has aired and the last question has been answered. Continue here

by Jules May 17, 2019 Comments Off on Five Burning Questions We Still Want Answered on “The Blacklist”

The sixth season of The Blacklist will receive its UK premiere on Sky One on Wednesday June 5th at 9pm, it has been announced.

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by Jules May 16, 2019 Comments Off on Sky One Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘The Blacklist’ Season 6

The network’s stars were in N.Y.C. to talk up the latest seasons of their shows. Continue here

by Jules May 16, 2019 Comments Off on Inside the 2019 NBC Upfront Portrait Studio, Where Julianne Hough, the This Is Us Cast & More Took the Cutest Pics