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  March 11, 18 Comments Off on THE CASE FOR ROBERT CALIFORNIAArticle
Why Robert California is a central character in The Office saga. Read More here
  June 17, 17 0 CommentArticle
Jacob looks back at the sex and car crash opus that found Cronenberg working at the peak of his cerebral powers. Read More: // here
You are also continuing your amazing TV directing career: The Blacklist, The Blacklist: Redemption, Orange Is the New Black, Halt and Catch Fire, Grace and Frankie … What is it about directing that attracts (...)
  February 25, 17 0 CommentArticle
There are some people who, at some point over the course of time, you would have assumed would have hosted “Saturday Night Live.” James Spader is one of those people. How it never happened, (...)
  February 19, 17 0 CommentArticle
It is midnight in Malaysia, and the tingle-inducing tones of Hollywood actor James Spader’s voice are snaking their way through the phone line. Depending on one’s pop culture diet, it is impossible not to (...)
  February 12, 17 0 CommentArticle
As everyone gets set for a new episode of The Blacklist tonight I couldn’t help but start thinking about the career of James Spader. Just yesterday I mentioned how Howie Mandel has essentially had (...)
  December 27, 16 0 CommentArticle
Let’s face it folks — we really are in the peak TV era. There are hundreds of different scripted programs out there, and with that it’s inevitable that there are going to be many (...)
  September 22, 16 0 CommentArticle
Curtis Hanson, who shared an Adapted Screenplay Oscar for L.A. Confidential and also helmed such films as Eminem-starrer 8 Mile, Wonder Boys, The River Wild, In Her Shoes and HBO’s Too Big To Fail, (...)
  June 26, 16 0 CommentArticle
For the better part of a decade James Spader portrayed attorney Alan Shore, first in the final season of David E. Kelley’s drama series “The Practice” (2002 – 2003) and then for all five (...)
  May 21, 16 0 CommentArticle
Whether they’re made in the 80s or set in the 80s, these are the films that do coming of age wonderfully well… Ah, the 1980s. It’s a decade that means so much to so (...)