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  May 17, 19 Comments Off on The After Movie DinerArticle, Podcasts
The After Movie Diner started life simply as a film review blog/diary but quickly sprawled into a website featuring several podcasts, detailed film reviews, celebrity interviews and many collaborators and contributors. Take a look (...)
  May 4, 19 Comments Off on Emmy Hopefuls: Why The Blacklist’s James Spader deserves so much moreArticle
Here’s something appalling to think about for this fine Friday — somehow, James Spader has yet to receive an Emmy nomination for The Blacklist. How in the world does that happen? It feels like (...)
  March 16, 19 Comments Off on Cult Movie: Less Than Zero lays bare the pointless pursuit of cool in 1980s LAArticle
IT’S hard to imagine a movie more 80s than Less Than Zero. Cold, aloof and all surface rather than content, it pretty much sums up the decade that humanity forgot in film form. Based, (...)
  January 26, 19 Comments Off on [Full Moon Frights] Jack Nicholson Becomes a Middle-Aged Werewolf in ‘Wolf’Article
Werewolf movies have existed for over a hundred years. There are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of them and new offerings arrive with each passing year. Contrary to popular belief, however, there are plenty (...)
  September 15, 18 Comments Off on The New Kids Is a Sean S. Cunningham 80s Classic We Need to Talk About MoreArticle
With Friday the 13th being a box office behemoth in 1980, many people seem to consider this to be the high-water mark of Sean S. Cunningham’s career. And while he hasn’t ever had a (...)
  May 27, 18 Comments Off on Five TV Shows You’ll Enjoy if You Liked “Boston Legal”Article
Boston Legal was definitely a smarmy, very sarcastic show that had a very nice blend of drama mixed in, which made it perfect for personalities like James Spader, William Shatner, and Candace Bergen. Their (...)
  May 27, 18 Comments Off on Emmy Hopefuls: Is James Spader for The Blacklist one of the decade’s greatest snubs?Article
Here’s a shocking fact that we never forget about: James Spader has never been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for playing Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist. Read More here
  March 11, 18 Comments Off on THE CASE FOR ROBERT CALIFORNIAArticle
Why Robert California is a central character in The Office saga. Read More here
  June 17, 17 0 CommentArticle
Jacob looks back at the sex and car crash opus that found Cronenberg working at the peak of his cerebral powers. Read More: // here
You are also continuing your amazing TV directing career: The Blacklist, The Blacklist: Redemption, Orange Is the New Black, Halt and Catch Fire, Grace and Frankie … What is it about directing that attracts (...)