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  November 4, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
It’s like ’50 First Dates’… but if the dates were murders! Read More // here
  October 21, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
Red is feeling entrepreneurial — it’s like Uber but for criminals! here
  October 15, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
On the bright side, there are elephants… Read More here
  October 15, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
Last week’s season premiere of The Blacklist reveled in its freedom from the “secret” connection between Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone). It was, dare I say, a light and breezy episode of (...)
  October 7, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
I want to again apologize for the tardiness of my review. But, if you would like to see them come sooner, please fire up your tweeting thumbs and harass both DirecTV and WTHR in (...)
  October 1, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
Red is back, broke, and better than ever. Read More here
  October 1, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
For shows with big, overarching mysteries, we tend to focus on the resolution — the answer, the big reveal and so on. But while resolutions get a lot of attention, it’s often what shows (...)
  September 24, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
After The Blacklist revealed what we’ve all suspected from the beginning — Red (James Spader) is Liz’s (Megan Boone) father! — the show will return to its season 1 roots in tone this year. (...)
  September 9, 17 0 CommentThe Blacklist
The Blacklist is making its central relationships all the more complicated going into Season 5, now that Liz is finally in the know about Red being her biological father. But where there are complications, (...)