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  July 24, 18 Comments Off on The Blacklist season 6: Preparing for the start of filming!The Blacklist
Are you ready for The Blacklist season 6 … or at least the next step on the road to the show coming back on the air? Read More here
  June 22, 18 Comments Off on NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ Season 5 Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in AugustDVD Alert, The Blacklist
NBC’s The Blacklist Season 5 is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 14th via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Read More here
  May 27, 18 Comments Off on Why The Blacklist’s Reddington Twist May Not Mean What We ThoughtThe Blacklist
Before Tom’s death on The Blacklist, he questioned Red about that infamous bag of bones. Red told Tom that the contents of the duffel bag are a “secret, not a lie.” That single line (...)
  May 27, 18 Comments Off on The Blacklist season 5: why it was one of our favorite finales this seasonThe Blacklist
Last Wednesday NBC premiered the Season 5 finale of its veteran show, The Blacklist, and in our opinion it was one of the best finales this season. The show has done a great job (...)
  May 20, 18 Comments Off on ‘The Blacklist’ Season Finale: Mystery Of The Bones Revealed, With Surprise VisitsThe Blacklist
So about those bones… That duffle bag of skeleton parts that’s been at the center of NBC’s The Blacklist throughout Season 5 has been much debated by fans in the build-up to tonight’s season (...)
  May 13, 18 Comments Off on NBC Fall 2018-19 Schedule: ‘Chicago’-Branded Wednesday, ‘SVU’ To Thursday, ‘The Blacklist’ Held For MidseasonThe Blacklist
Here is NBC’s fall 2018-19 schedule, followed by scheduling information on some shows that are not on it, brief analysis and detailed descriptions of NBC’s new series. Missing from the fall schedule from the (...)
  May 13, 18 Comments Off on ‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 6 By NBCThe Blacklist
It came down to the wire but NBC just picked up a 22-episode sixth season of The Blacklist, from Sony Pictures TV. There is no final decision yet on the studio’s other bubble drama (...)
  May 13, 18 Comments Off on First look: The Blacklist to reveal game-changing secret in finaleThe Blacklist
Will Raymond Reddington’s secrets finally spill out on The Blacklist? It’s been nearly a year since Mr. Kaplan unearthed a mysterious suitcase full of bones that put the fear of god in Red (James (...)
  April 29, 18 Comments Off on The Blacklist recap: ‘Ian Garvey: Conclusion’The Blacklist
And so concludes Ian Garvey, not with a secret, but with a death — which on The Blacklist, is a much less conclusive event. While I don’t love the idea that Ian Garvey is (...)
  April 15, 18 Comments Off on Gallery UpdatedGallery, The Blacklist
Added screencaps from the following to the Gallery. Icons added to the Media section * The Blacklist 05-12 * The Blacklist 05-13