Latest News • Sky1 Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’
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Jules   Feb 26, 2017   The Blacklist

A mere matter of days ago, The Blacklist went on hiatus over at NBC. With that, we were left waiting in the wings in order to see The Blacklist: Redemption. Read More: // here

Jules   Feb 19, 2017   The Blacklist

As “The Blacklist” hurtles toward its winter finale, Emmy-winning actor James Spader, who stars as master criminal Raymond “Red” Reddington, tells TODAY that everything is up in the air for his character: Red knows someone is targeting him, but doesn’t know who it is. He also says it’s hard to choose a clip from the show that’s suitable for morning television! Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 29, 2017   The Blacklist, UK Alert

Sky has set a date for the relocation of The Blacklist. As TVWise previously reported, the high octane NBC drama is moving to Sky1 from its previous home on Sky Living. That relocation becomes effective next month, with the back-half of the show’s fourth season set to premiere on Sky1 on Wednesday February 8th at 9pm. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 29, 2017   The Blacklist

If you’ve never watched “The Blacklist”, you’re missing out on one of the most intriguing shows on TV today. On the show, Raymond “Red” Reddington is the anti-hero, a wanted fugitive, former secret agent, and a brilliant man with his fingers in innumerable illegal, (OK maybe some of them might be legal), goings-on all over the world. The character is played flawlessly by James Spader. You may remember James from things like “Sex Lies & Videotape”, “Stargate”, “The Practice”, “Boston Legal”, “Less Than Zero”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Crash”, “White Palace”, “Secretary”, and as the smarmy lawyer in “Wall Street”. Rolling Stone calls him “The Strangest Man on TV” and well he may be, but that’s what is so exciting about his character. He has certain affectations that simply are Red. Some are strange, some are endearing, but all are unforgettable. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 29, 2017   The Blacklist

Call it a “Presidential pardon me?” In a recent episode of The Blacklist, James Spader’s character, Raymond “Red” Reddington, gets a visit from FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 21, 2017   The Blacklist

James Spader’s “Red” won’t be pulling the strings, that’s for sure, when NBC’s The Blacklist: Redemption premieres at 10 PM Thursday, February 23. While The Blacklist is “a cop show in many ways, this is a spy show,” EP John Eisendrath said about the series’ latest spin. Redemption follows Ryan Eggold’s operative character Tom Keen as he begins to learn facets about his past, specifically his mother, military intelligence op Susan Hargrave (Famke Janssen), who lost him when he was a toddler. Read More: // here

Jules   Jan 2, 2017   The Blacklist, UK Alert

Jules   Dec 30, 2016   The Blacklist

With Red’s life on the line, a mysterious piece of information spared his life during The Blacklist winter finale — but what exactly did he tell Kirk? During the midseason finale, Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) basically tortured Red (James Spader) into revealing that Red is actually Liz’s (Megan Boone) father, though it’s unclear whether the fedora-sporting criminal mastermind only told Kirk what he wanted to hear. Knowing that he was going to die, Kirk planned to kill Red anyway, saying there was nothing that Red could say to stop him — until Red whispered something that literally stopped Kirk in his tracks. Read More: // here

Jules   Nov 24, 2016   The Blacklist

We’re a little ways removed right now from “The Blacklist” season 4 finishing off the first part of the season, and the reason that’s important is rather simple: It allows us an opportunity to sit back, take in a deep breath, and analyze everything that went right / some of what went wrong. Read More: // here

Jules   Nov 15, 2016   The Blacklist

Today, we’re kicking things off with day 2 in our ongoing Golden Globes Preview Series, where we spotlight a category every day to go along with what our nominations would be if we were in control of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Before we dive in, we do want to give them some credit: They do a better job at their nominations than almost any other awards-show selection organization out there. We do get a genuine sense that they look at all shows, new and established, and find a way to honor the industry’s best. This brings us to one of the toughest categories of this entire TV awards season (at least in our mind). There are going to be many newcomers this year, and they will be competing with both some relative newbies from last year and a few established performers. While we do think that the Globes have a couple of favorites, the HFPA can be rather unpredictable! It’s hard to know what they are going to do until they do it. In addition to our personal picks below, we’ve also got a poll for you to vote for your own favorite! As we explained yesterday in the Drama Series category, voting is open between now and November 30 at noon Pacific time — you can vote however many times as you wish. The reader picks for all categories will be named on December 1.

James Spader, “The Blacklist” (NBC) – So often with some of these nominees there are singular episodes that make them especially deserving of a nod. For Lincoln, it’s the most-recent premiere; meanwhile, if you look at an honorable mention in Lee Place, it’s “NIM.” Here, Spader delivered a stunning, haunting performance in the season 3 episode “Cape May” working almost without any familiar cast member — his only scene partner through most of the episode was special guest Lotte Verbeek. Spader’s got a challenge having to play Raymond Reddington for over 20 episodes a year, but he always brings new dimensions to us and draws us in, despite our understanding that this is a man capable of terrible things.
Read More: // here