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Jules   May 27, 2018   Comments Off on The Blacklist season 5: why it was one of our favorite finales this season The Blacklist

Last Wednesday NBC premiered the Season 5 finale of its veteran show, The Blacklist, and in our opinion it was one of the best finales this season. The show has done a great job so far at throwing in twists and turns that make the show stronger. Every new twist is bigger and better than the last, and just when you think the writers can’t trick you anymore, they do. This show has always been one that we clear our schedules for in order to watch and we have never been disappointed. The curveball of killing Tom Keen this past season was one we didn’t expect, and yet, as the season went on, it didn’t seem weird that the character wasn’t part of the series anymore, because the writers did a great job at evolving the show naturally. Read More here

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