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Jules   September 15, 2018   Comments Off on The New Kids Is a Sean S. Cunningham 80s Classic We Need to Talk About More Article

With Friday the 13th being a box office behemoth in 1980, many people seem to consider this to be the high-water mark of Sean S. Cunningham’s career. And while he hasn’t ever had a film that became part of the lexicon the way that Jason and his ubiquitous hockey mask have, it would be wrong to toss aside a career that is actually quite varied. And with some perspective, who knows if one could say this about all the films that came after Friday the 13th, but The New Kids (released in 1985) is certainly a movie that deserves a much better life than it’s had. In fact, it is so well done that The New Kids deserves to rise above it’s cult classic status… if it even has that! Read More here

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