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Jules   January 26, 2019   Comments Off on [Full Moon Frights] Jack Nicholson Becomes a Middle-Aged Werewolf in ‘Wolf’ Article

Werewolf movies have existed for over a hundred years. There are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of them and new offerings arrive with each passing year. Contrary to popular belief, however, there are plenty of good ones out there. From the classics to the cult favorites to the obscure offerings, this column will cover a different werewolf film each month near the latest rise of a full moon. So throw out your wolfsbane and silver, take to the moors, and run towards that gleaming globe in the sky, because it’s time for Full Moon Frights!
I toiled for a very long time over which film I should cover to launch this column. Some old black and white classic? An ‘80s favorite? Maybe a forgotten gem? Perhaps a more modern choice? All such eras will eventually be poured over in this monthly series, but for some reason, Wolf Man Jack entered my mind and just wouldn’t leave. So, Wolf it is! Read More here

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