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James Spader’s “Red” won’t be pulling the strings, that’s for sure, when NBC’s The Blacklist: Redemption premieres at 10 PM Thursday, February 23. While The Blacklist is “a cop show in many ways, this is a spy show,” EP John Eisendrath said about the series’ latest spin. Redemption follows Ryan Eggold’s operative character Tom Keen as he begins to learn facets about his past, specifically his mother, military intelligence op Susan Hargrave (Famke Janssen), who lost him when he was a toddler. Read More: // here

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Boston Legal Season 2 (DVD Screencaps)
The Blacklist Season 4 episodes 1-5
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With Red’s life on the line, a mysterious piece of information spared his life during The Blacklist winter finale — but what exactly did he tell Kirk? During the midseason finale, Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) basically tortured Red (James Spader) into revealing that Red is actually Liz’s (Megan Boone) father, though it’s unclear whether the fedora-sporting criminal mastermind only told Kirk what he wanted to hear. Knowing that he was going to die, Kirk planned to kill Red anyway, saying there was nothing that Red could say to stop him — until Red whispered something that literally stopped Kirk in his tracks. Read More: // here

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Let’s face it folks — we really are in the peak TV era. There are hundreds of different scripted programs out there, and with that it’s inevitable that there are going to be many series and actors that end up falling through the cracks when it comes to awards recognition. This is where our new CarterMatt Golden Globes series comes into play! We’re doing an article a day discussing who should win out of the nominees in the field, and we’re also posting one article a day about the biggest snubs.

The Snubs
James Spader, “The Blacklist” (NBC) – While nominations for network actors have become few and far between, Spader gave some of the finest work of his career during the “Cape May” episode earlier this year; not only that, but he has been nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press for playing Raymond Reddington before, in addition to his work on other shows. Read More: // here

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16 Mar @ 19:00 – Crash
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24 Feb @ 19.30
Join Glasgow Film Festival and Torture Garden to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Secretary. Featuring a star-making turn from Maggie Gyllenhaal, perfectly-paired with a never-better James Spader
Official Website: // here

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We’re a little ways removed right now from “The Blacklist” season 4 finishing off the first part of the season, and the reason that’s important is rather simple: It allows us an opportunity to sit back, take in a deep breath, and analyze everything that went right / some of what went wrong. Read More: // here

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From the day he walked into government custody promising to help the FBI track down the most dangerous criminals in the world, James Spader’s character in The Blacklist, Raymond “Red” Reddington, has played a high stakes game. “When I was a kid, and I first was watching James Cagney movies or Humphrey Bogart movies, those gangster movies, I thought they were great, you know? They were the characters I loved the most,” Spader says. “[They are] people who live sort of in the fringes or extremities of our society, their lives are lived in the extreme, and that makes for a good drama,” Spader adds. “But it also allows people to visit those sort of extreme aspects of our societies, and it transports people to a different place and a different sort of sensibility.” Read More: // here

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