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This is an unofficial fansite looking at the career of the very versatile actor. James has starred in such films as Pretty in Pink, sex lies and videotape, White Palace, Secretary and more recently as 'Ultron' Avengers: Age of Ultron. He has also starred in the hit TV shows The Practice, Boston Legal, The Office and currently stars as 'Red' in The Blacklist. Feel free to join the twitter page to keep up to date with the site and news about James or to meet other fans join the ever-growing Facebook page. Thanks for visiting ~ Jules

Jules   Dec 18, 2016   'Secretary'

24 Feb @ 19.30
Join Glasgow Film Festival and Torture Garden to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Secretary. Featuring a star-making turn from Maggie Gyllenhaal, perfectly-paired with a never-better James Spader
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Jules   Nov 24, 2016   The Blacklist

We’re a little ways removed right now from “The Blacklist” season 4 finishing off the first part of the season, and the reason that’s important is rather simple: It allows us an opportunity to sit back, take in a deep breath, and analyze everything that went right / some of what went wrong. Read More: // here

Jules   Nov 15, 2016   Press/Interview

From the day he walked into government custody promising to help the FBI track down the most dangerous criminals in the world, James Spader’s character in The Blacklist, Raymond “Red” Reddington, has played a high stakes game. “When I was a kid, and I first was watching James Cagney movies or Humphrey Bogart movies, those gangster movies, I thought they were great, you know? They were the characters I loved the most,” Spader says. “[They are] people who live sort of in the fringes or extremities of our society, their lives are lived in the extreme, and that makes for a good drama,” Spader adds. “But it also allows people to visit those sort of extreme aspects of our societies, and it transports people to a different place and a different sort of sensibility.” Read More: // here

Jules   Nov 15, 2016   The Blacklist

Today, we’re kicking things off with day 2 in our ongoing Golden Globes Preview Series, where we spotlight a category every day to go along with what our nominations would be if we were in control of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Before we dive in, we do want to give them some credit: They do a better job at their nominations than almost any other awards-show selection organization out there. We do get a genuine sense that they look at all shows, new and established, and find a way to honor the industry’s best. This brings us to one of the toughest categories of this entire TV awards season (at least in our mind). There are going to be many newcomers this year, and they will be competing with both some relative newbies from last year and a few established performers. While we do think that the Globes have a couple of favorites, the HFPA can be rather unpredictable! It’s hard to know what they are going to do until they do it. In addition to our personal picks below, we’ve also got a poll for you to vote for your own favorite! As we explained yesterday in the Drama Series category, voting is open between now and November 30 at noon Pacific time — you can vote however many times as you wish. The reader picks for all categories will be named on December 1.

James Spader, “The Blacklist” (NBC) – So often with some of these nominees there are singular episodes that make them especially deserving of a nod. For Lincoln, it’s the most-recent premiere; meanwhile, if you look at an honorable mention in Lee Place, it’s “NIM.” Here, Spader delivered a stunning, haunting performance in the season 3 episode “Cape May” working almost without any familiar cast member — his only scene partner through most of the episode was special guest Lotte Verbeek. Spader’s got a challenge having to play Raymond Reddington for over 20 episodes a year, but he always brings new dimensions to us and draws us in, despite our understanding that this is a man capable of terrible things.
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Jules   Nov 15, 2016   The Blacklist

No one loves a great scene more than the person who first dreamed it up: the writer. We’re asking shows’ creators and writers to tell ET all about getting to see their most cherished moment from their series make it from script to screen. For Jon Bokenkamp, creator of NBC’s The Blacklist, the scene that catapulted the crime thriller into more than a procedural came early in the first season. By the first few episodes, the drama starring James Spader and Megan Boone was already considered a breakout hit. It was a moment in the 11th episode, titled “The Good Samaritan,” in which Spader’s Raymond “Red” Reddington — one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives — established himself as an unexpected and charming anti-hero that viewers rooted for. Here, Bokenkamp explains why an insignificant scene turned the tide for The Blacklist. Read More: // here

Jules   Oct 18, 2016   The Blacklist

NBC’s fourth-year James Spader drama “The Blacklist” remains an MVP when it comes to DVR viewership. The Sept. 29 episode posted a 2.4 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen, up 118 percent from its original 1.1 live-plus-same-day DVR playback rating. Read More: // here

Jules   Oct 1, 2016   The Blacklist, UK Alert

The Blacklist, Season 4 – Sky Living 04 November 2016 at 9:00 pm. Source: // here

Jules   Oct 1, 2016   netflix / amazon prime

‘Stargate’ is now on netflix uk. Source: // here

Jules   Oct 1, 2016   The Blacklist

“The Blacklist” Season 4 kicked off with a bang, as Agent Keen (Megan Boone) was kidnapped by Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) and baby Agnes, whom Red (James Spader) and Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) thought they had saved, was taken by Mato (Raoul Trujillo) after a harrowing T-bone car accident in the episode’s waning moments. In our exclusive sneak peek of the follow-up episode, “Mato,” Mr. Kaplan is still feeling guilty about how everything went down, but Tom (Ryan Eggold) tells her she has nothing to apologize for. She was simply trying to help Liz and Tom start a new life away from Reddington. Read More: // here

Jules   Sep 22, 2016   Article

Curtis Hanson, who shared an Adapted Screenplay Oscar for L.A. Confidential and also helmed such films as Eminem-starrer 8 Mile, Wonder Boys, The River Wild, In Her Shoes and HBO’s Too Big To Fail, died in his sleep Tuesday of natural causes at his Hollywood Hills home. He was 71. Born on March 24, 1945, in Reno, NV, Hanson grew up in Los Angeles and began his career writing and directing indie pics in the early 1970s. By the next decade he would direct a young Tom Cruise in Losin’ It (1983) wrote the screenplays for features White Dog (1982) and Never Cry Wolf (1983).

He was more focused on directing by the 1990s, helming such films as Bad Influence (1990), The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) and The River Wild starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon (1994).

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