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We’re back with another edition of our ongoing The Blacklist season 6 spotlight series today, and with that, today we’re placing the focus front and center on Liz Keen as we ponder over one question: What happens now? Read More here

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Are you ready for The Blacklist season 6 … or at least the next step on the road to the show coming back on the air? Read More here

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A hot-button independent sensation that propelled its director to Hollywood and back again, Steven Soderbergh’s excellent debut film Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989) holds up almost three decades later as a striking drama that made the most of limited means. Almost every actor involved in this production was either just beginning their career or had only a few projects under their belt, making this “little film that could” a launching pad for everyone with their hands in it. The frank dialogue and adult themes in Sex, Lies, and Videotape are supplemented by wonderful performances, happy accidents, and exactly zero nudity, softening the edges that might keep away those who need to see it the most. Read More here

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NBC’s The Blacklist Season 5 is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 14th via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Read More here

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Before Tom’s death on The Blacklist, he questioned Red about that infamous bag of bones. Red told Tom that the contents of the duffel bag are a “secret, not a lie.” That single line may be the most telling clue Red offers about the bones and their implications. As of the end of Season 5, Liz has learned the truth: that the bones belong to Raymond Reddington, but not the alive and well man played by James Spader we’ve come to know over the past five season. Liz now believes the man she knew as Red to be an imposter, and all signs seemed to point toward this as the truth. But is he really an imposter? Read More here

by Jules May 27, 2018 Comments Off on Why The Blacklist’s Reddington Twist May Not Mean What We Thought

Last Wednesday NBC premiered the Season 5 finale of its veteran show, The Blacklist, and in our opinion it was one of the best finales this season. The show has done a great job so far at throwing in twists and turns that make the show stronger. Every new twist is bigger and better than the last, and just when you think the writers can’t trick you anymore, they do. This show has always been one that we clear our schedules for in order to watch and we have never been disappointed. The curveball of killing Tom Keen this past season was one we didn’t expect, and yet, as the season went on, it didn’t seem weird that the character wasn’t part of the series anymore, because the writers did a great job at evolving the show naturally. Read More here

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Boston Legal was definitely a smarmy, very sarcastic show that had a very nice blend of drama mixed in, which made it perfect for personalities like James Spader, William Shatner, and Candace Bergen. Their style of sarcasm was very welcome in this show that had a lot to do with civil litigation and keeping the top level people in check as much as possible. These were at one time three of the biggest egos in Hollywood and in fact still rank right up there, but for this show they were perfect since they could have free reign and be allowed to just act. For Spader it was kind of like a dream come true since he had two perfect individuals to play against and therefore could make the best of a show that people expected a lot from. The show ran from 2004 to 2008 so it didn’t have an exceptionally long run. But quite often shows having to do with the law don’t tend to last that long. Those that do are more of an anomaly than anything, such as Law and Order: SVU. Shows like this tend to come out, gain a following, and then start to drift off as people start to look elsewhere for their entertainment. Read More here

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Here’s a shocking fact that we never forget about: James Spader has never been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for playing Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist. Read More here

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