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April 22, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

Everyone has been demanding details for Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween movie, including how Laurie Strode fits into the picture. After all, it’s been 40 years, and considering she’s no longer Michael Myers‘ sister – just how will the two meet up? While we still have no idea what sort of fate will throw the two back together, Jamie Lee Curtis has explained that the new movie is very similar to the original with her “granddaughter” taking her place. Read More here

April 15, 2018   Jules   Gallery Additions Be first to comment

Added screencaps from the following to the Gallery. Icons added to the Media section

* Nicholas Gift
* Drowning Mona
* Trading Places
* Halloween Resurrection

April 13, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

And by “new,” we actually mean “40 years old.” Everything we’ve heard so far about David Gordon Green’s Halloween has sounded *really* good to us, from John Carpenter being creatively involved (and likely even providing the score!) to Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode. Nick Castle is even back as Michael Myers, with James Jude Courtney also playing the iconic killer. Read More here

April 1, 2018   Jules   Site News Be first to comment

I am going on holiday shortly therefore there will be no site updates until the middle of April.

April 1, 2018   Jules   screenings Be first to comment

Check the website for times and further details
My Girl – Jul 07 @ Glendale Central Park, Glendale // X
Halloween – Oct 13 @ Eagle Rock Park, Eagle Rock // X

April 1, 2018   Jules   'The Fog', screenings Be first to comment

American Nightmare: Horror in Mainstream American Cinema 1980-1985
Nightmare on Elm StreetFrom The Strain and American Horror Story to The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries, contemporary American television is saturated with horror derived from the genre cinema of the past. This strand presents a selection of highly influential titles from the early 1980s, a golden era for U.S. horror. Works featured will include The Fog (John Carpenter, 1980), The Howling (Joe Dante, 1981), Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper, 1982) and Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven, 1984). Day of the Dead (1985) will also screen in tribute to the late, great George A Romero. Read More here

March 4, 2018   Jules   Gallery Additions Be first to comment

Screencaps added to the Gallery for the following. Icons added to the Media section.

* Halloween
* My Girl
* Forever Young

March 3, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

This year is a big one for the Halloween franchise, as not only is David Gordon Green’s sequel to John Carpenter’s classic – which brings back Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle! – set for release in October, but it’s also the 40th anniversary of the original. Halloween Daily News confirms today that the franchise is celebrating big time. Read More here

February 24, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

Filming has officially wrapped on Blumhouse’s eagerly awaited Halloween sequel. The Halloween franchise has been in limbo for years now, following the mixed reception to Rob Zombie’s 2009 sequel to his own remake. A direct sequel to Zombie’s film called Halloween 3D would have seen Michael stalking his sister Laurie Strode in a mental asylum, but production on the film was postponed in order to develop the script. That version was eventually cancelled, and instead, another sequel dubbed Halloween Returns was put in development. Read More here