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Oct 07, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

When the first Halloween was released in 1978, not only did the film become the cutting edge of horror, it also introduced actress Jamie Lee Curtis as a powerful leading lady at the young age of 19. The film was just the beginning for Curtis, who has since seen a sustainable acting career including memorable […]

Sep 29, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

A new coat of paint, even on a storied house of horrors such as “Halloween,” can do wonders. Read More here

Sep 18, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween', Screening

In addition to their recently announced 13-film David Cronenberg celebration, Beyond Fest’s full programming slate honors the horror genre’s past and present with a wide range of screenings, including Halloween (2018), Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (a big influence on the new Halloween), John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Monster Squad (with cast and crew in attendance), Anna […]

Sep 16, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween', Event / Appearance, Screening

The actress will be at Dublin’s Lighthouse Cinema on October 5th for a screening of the 2018 film – 40 years after first appearing as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s iconic horror – as well as participating in a Q&A with Irish writer, academic and broadcaster Sinead Burke. Read More here

Sep 16, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

The direct sequel remixes its slasher roots to become a thrilling feminist frolic. Michael Myers is who we’re here to see, but the story is Laurie’s. Read More here

Sep 16, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

While horror movies are a beloved part of the filmmaking landscape, there was a time when it was all uncharted territory. A passion project made on a minimal budget, Halloween is one of the most beloved horror franchises, and fans of the slasher subgenre have the original movie to thank. Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween movie will […]

Sep 15, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween', Press / Video

Tonight in Toronto, Laurie Strode makes a triumphant return to cinemas with David Gordon Green’s Halloween. While the latest installment of John Carpenter’s iconic horror franchise—centering on the murderous, masked Michael Meyers—is the first to hit theaters in over a decade, Green’s contribution to the canon goes back much further than that. Read More here

Aug 29, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

Jamie Lee Curtis’ “Halloween” has been selected as the opening night film of the 14th edition of Fantastic Fest on Sept. 20 at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Tex. Read More here