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Dec 16, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

It’s been a great few years for the horror genre, as a renaissance of new and exciting properties have resulted in box office success and critical acclaim. Many of the latest hits come from Blumhouse, and the horror house recently turned its head to the classics with Halloween. The new Halloween movie defied the canon, […]

Dec 16, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween', #Awards

The winners will be revealed Jan. 11, when the 24th annual ceremony airs live on The CW Network. BEST SCI-FI OR HORROR MOVIE: Halloween For a complete list of nominees click here

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

After debuting earlier this month to the second-best October domestic opening ever, and holding the No. 1 spot globally for two weeks in a row, Halloween has slashed its way across the $200M mark worldwide. Through Thursday, the Universal/Trancas/Miramax/Blumhouse title is at $204.3M with a split of $139.4M in North America and $64.9M at the […]

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

Forty years after Laurie Strode survived the wrath of deranged masked murderer Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” the iconic avenging babysitter came back to the box office in a big way. Read More here

Oct 21, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

Universal is calling Miramax/Blumhouse’s Halloween at $77.5M after a $27.2M Saturday, making it the second-best opening ever of October behind Sony’s Venom ($80.2M). As we’ve known since Thursday night, Halloween is the best domestic opening ever in the John Carpenter 40-year old franchise, Halloween producer and co-financier Blumhouse beating their 2011 $52.5M start to Paranormal […]

Oct 21, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

Ever since John Carpenter’s original Halloween and Michael Myers first came into our orbit in 1978, it has been the gift that keeps on giving at the box office, with so many spinoffs, sequels and reboots it is hard to keep track. From Halloweens II, III, IV and V to a 20-year revisit in 1998 […]

Oct 07, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

When the first Halloween was released in 1978, not only did the film become the cutting edge of horror, it also introduced actress Jamie Lee Curtis as a powerful leading lady at the young age of 19. The film was just the beginning for Curtis, who has since seen a sustainable acting career including memorable […]

Sep 29, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween'

A new coat of paint, even on a storied house of horrors such as “Halloween,” can do wonders. Read More here

Sep 18, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Halloween', Screening

In addition to their recently announced 13-film David Cronenberg celebration, Beyond Fest’s full programming slate honors the horror genre’s past and present with a wide range of screenings, including Halloween (2018), Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (a big influence on the new Halloween), John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Monster Squad (with cast and crew in attendance), Anna […]