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Screencaps from the following added to the Gallery / Icons added to the Media section

* Freaky Friday
* True Lies

February 17, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

That’s a wrap for Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress, who’s been in Charleston filming Danny McBride’s new Halloween movie, said goodbye to the Holy City today with a very generous Instagram post. Read More here

February 17, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

How much excitement can horror hounds take in a single 24-hour period? On Thursday, news broke that the beloved-by-genre-fans magazine Fangoria is set to return as a print publication in the fall. Now, Jamie Lee Curtis has written an Instagram update on the progress of the new Halloween movie, in which she declares this latest entry of the iconic slasher series to be “terrifying.” Read More here

February 11, 2018   Jules   'The Fog', Press / Article Be first to comment

You may be surprised to hear this, but a teeny-tiny movie called Halloween was released in 1978 to less than favorable reviews. Writer-director John Carpenter, along with his producing partner Debra Hill, assumed the film would quickly fade away from the public conscious soon after release. Of course, that film has gone on to become an establishment in and of itself within the horror genre, specifically the slasher film. At the time, though, it wasn’t until a reviewer at The Village Voice got their peepers on it and penned a glowing review that people really started to take notice. Based off the newfound success of Halloween, AVCO Embassy came a-knockin’. They approached the duo of Carpenter and Hill with the alluring offer of a two-picture deal. That deal gave birth to two more Carpenter classics, Escape from New York and today’s topic at hand, The Fog. Read More here

February 4, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

Forty years after her first encounter with Michael Myers, Laurie Strode will be coming face-to-face with “The Shape” one last time in this year’s Halloween, now filming in South Carolina with David Gordon Green in the director’s chair. Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie in the new film, a direct sequel to the original that disregards all other sequels. Curtis herself is now officially on set, we can confirm, as she tweeted out a set photo this afternoon that suggests Laurie will be packing a .357 magnum this time around. Read More here

February 4, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

The Halloween 2018 sequel will not only have Jamie Lee Curtis’s character Laurie Strode, but her daughter and granddaughter. Read More here

January 21, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

We’ve already heard that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green’s new sequel to the John Carpenter horror classic Halloween is going to be a kind of alternative reality, which means that the film is going to pretend that all of the other sequels and reboots never happened. In a recent interview with the Charleston City Paper, co-writer Danny McBride goes into a bit more detail about the tone of the film, as well as his horror roots. Read More: here