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October 21, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

It’s not Michael that haunts her. Sit with Jamie Lee Curtis and she will try to forge a connection. She will relate, she will pound her fist on the table, she will declare herself. She turns 60 next month, and the real bone chiller is leaving this earth with ideas left on the table. “I want to die having said something,” she says firmly. Read More here

October 21, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

Universal is calling Miramax/Blumhouse’s Halloween at $77.5M after a $27.2M Saturday, making it the second-best opening ever of October behind Sony’s Venom ($80.2M). As we’ve known since Thursday night, Halloween is the best domestic opening ever in the John Carpenter 40-year old franchise, Halloween producer and co-financier Blumhouse beating their 2011 $52.5M start to Paranormal Activity 3, and it’s wonderful reboot for Miramax under CEO Bill Block and Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who also co-funded and produced the 11th sequel on screen; their recent highlight being Oscar winner I, Tonya. Read More here

October 21, 2018   Jules   'Halloween' Be first to comment

Ever since John Carpenter’s original Halloween and Michael Myers first came into our orbit in 1978, it has been the gift that keeps on giving at the box office, with so many spinoffs, sequels and reboots it is hard to keep track. From Halloweens II, III, IV and V to a 20-year revisit in 1998 and Halloween: Resurrection in 2002, hell there even are three films just simply titled Halloween II. There seems to be no need even to hide what the film is anymore — the 2007 reboot, and the current incarnation, are using the same title as the original! It is a brand all by itself. Read More here

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Added the following screencaps to the Gallery

* Film4 Interview (Gallery / Chat Show Appearances)

October 14, 2018   Jules   ‘An Acceptable Loss’ Be first to comment

IFC Films has nabbed U.S. rights to Joe Chappelle’s female-driven thriller “An Acceptable Loss” with Jamie Lee Curtis and Tika Sumpter ahead of its world premiere at Chicago Film Festival this weekend. A contemporary take on the classic political drama, “An Acceptable Loss” (formerly titled “The Pages”) was produced by Colleen Griffen of CorradoMooncoin and executive produced by Candy Straight and Laura K. Lewis. Read More here