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October 7, 2018

Jeff Goldblum has huge hands. I know this because we are finger to finger at the keyboard of a Steinway grand piano in a glitzy central London hotel lobby, and he easily outspans my meaty paws. We are working our way through Herbie Hancock’s classic jazz tune Cantaloupe Island, the myriad heavy silver rings on his long fingers flashing under the lights as he takes a solo. If you want to get properly up close and personal with someone, play a piano duet with them. He hums the tune under his breath and rocks his shoulders into me as he plays. When it’s my turn to solo, he somehow manages to wrap his broad, 6ft 4in leather-jacketed frame around me to throw in some bass stabs down the bottom of the keyboard. He grins and laughs. Jeff Goldblum is in the room. And he’s enjoying himself. Read More here

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