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July 1, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

The actor on becoming a social-media sex symbol, learning to play himself, and his pot-smoking mom. Read More here

July 1, 2018   Jules   ‘Hotel Artemis’ Be first to comment

It has been five years since Elysium, the last time Jodie Foster headlined a movie on camera, and for her return she has chosen another futuristic tale, Hotel Artemis — a rather odd duck of a project. In this dystopian crime thriller, she is considerably aged up and known only as The Nurse, a take-all-prisoners woman who for 22 years has run the Hotel Artemis, an Art Deco-looking building in 2028 Los Angeles whose penthouse serves as an emergency hospital for criminals who are “members.” Getting into the Hotel Artemis is harder than entering CIA headquarters, and you have to have a special microchip in your arm to pass through the tightly secured building. It is a very exclusive club indeed, and Foster’s Nurse doesn’t allow exceptions or rules to be broken. Read More here

July 1, 2018   Jules   Press / Interview Be first to comment

Inquisitive. Vivacious. Ineffable: meet the new model of 21st-century eccentricity. Sequestered in the closet of his home in the Hollywood Hills, GQ talks fans, fashion and the magic of seduction with the Jurassic Park returnee in the July issue. Warning: serious style envy ahead. Read More here

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