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January 28, 2018

Sundance really likes to push the idea that it’s a “community”—a network of artists converging on the same Utah ski town every January to support each other’s work, exchange positive reinforcement, and just bask in the glow of general movie appreciation. It’s not total bullshit; one reason this writer loves coming to the festival every year is that it does foster a certain sense of we’re-in-this-together unity, even if the only commonality shared by filmmakers, audiences, and critics in attendance is freezing our mutual asses off waiting on a shuttle to Main Street. But Sundance is also a competitive film festival, in more ways than one. Studios are competing for acquisitions. Journalists are competing for scoops. Everyone is competing for seats at that sold-out screening of that Next Big Thing. Oh, and the movies are competing against each other, too: The best of several programs are decided upon by juries and general attendees, the latter voting via paper ballots they stuff into boxes while exiting each venue. Read More here

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