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Dec 30, 18   Jules   0 Comment ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’, Stage

If your New Year’s resolution is to go to the theatre more, then London’s stages are making it pretty easy to keep that promise. The capital is kicking off 2019 with a bevy of tantalising shows that will have your new diary well and truly booked up with theatrical treats. From Hollywood stars treading the […]

Nov 04, 18   Jules   0 Comment ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

The stars of two one-woman shows are in contention to be named best actress at this year’s Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Carey Mulligan is shortlisted for her devastating portrayal of a mother whose children are murdered by their father, in Girls And Boys , and US actress Laura Linney is recognised for her performance in […]

Jul 17, 18   Jules   0 Comment ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

At first I feared I wouldn’t get along with Lucy Barton. This Lucy Barton, at least, as there is a danger inherent in opening up something small and perfectly formed, in this case Elizabeth Strout’s marvellous 2016 novel which is essentially a monologue, and exposing its intimacies in a big space, namely the almost bare […]

Jul 17, 18   Jules   0 Comment ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

Elizabeth Strout’s novel works outstandingly on stage, thanks to sole performer Linney’s nuanced command of the narrative. Read More here

Jul 17, 18   Jules   0 Comment ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’

Stories have a way of opening up on a stage. Elizabeth Strout’s bestselling novel “My Name Is Lucy Barton” looks, at first glance, like a curious choice for a theatrical adaptation. It’s ruminative, reflective, and all but becalmed: a bedbound writer’s hazy recollections looking back on her life. There’s little action, still less drama, scant […]