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February 17, 2018   Jules   ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ Be first to comment

UK sales outfit Protagonist Pictures has picked up international rights to the Maggie Gyllenhaal-starring The Kindergarten Teacher following the film’s buzzy Sundance premiere. Read More here

It’s rare that an actress will have a chance to play a female lead who can have 10 different thoughts at once, Maggie Gyllenhaal told an audience at the Sundance Film Festival. So when that opportunity comes up, you take it. And that’s what she did with “The Kindergarten Teacher,” which premiered last Friday at the festival. “I had that feeling that I have very rarely,” the actress/producer said as she recalled reading the script. “I knew that this was the movie for me.” Read More here

“I’m interested in what it means to make a feminine movie – and that’s different I guess from feminist, or maybe it isn’t,” Maggie Gyllenhaal said yesterday, sitting down with writer/director Sara Colangelo to discuss The Kindergarten Teacher. Read More here

January 27, 2018   Jules   ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ Be first to comment

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a teacher a little too interested in one potential-prodigy student. Read More here

January 7, 2018   Jules   'The Deuce' Be first to comment

Maggie Gyllenhaal seemed like a strong threat to win the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama Actress for “The Deuce” before the nominations were announced, but when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association revealed their choices and Gyllenhaal was the only nomination for the gritty HBO drama she started to look like more of a long shot. Can she really win if she’s the only nominee for her series? Actually, that’s exactly what happened in 2015 when she won for “The Honorable Woman.” Read More here