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Arthouse of Horrors: The Scariest Movies on The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel made its anxiously-awaited debut this month. The new streaming service offers films from Criterion’s extensive library of classic, arthouse and cult cinema, fantastically restored and – in many cases – presented with extensive and illuminating special features. Criterion may be best known for their prestigious releases of French New Wave and Italian Neorealist movies, but don’t let that fool you. They’ve got a weird streak a mile long, and The Criterion Channel is chockablock with horror films and other off-putting oddities that are practically too strange to quantify. We can only scratch the surface today, but let’s take a look at some of the scariest movies on The Criterion Channel!

Sisters (1973)
Brian De Palma’s first Hitchcockian thriller, of many, is still deliriously disturbing. Sisters stars Margot Kidder as a model whose identical twin sister murders her boyfriend, attracting the attention of a reporter, played by Jennifer Salt, who lives across the hall and is determined to prove them guilty. Halfway between giallo and old-fashioned Hollywood murder mystery, Sisters takes one demented turn after another, weaving a stylish and unpredictable web of psychological terror and cinematic showmanship.

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