Superman: The Movie receiving 4K release this November

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced that Richard Donner’s 1978 classic Superman: The Movie is set for a 4K Ultra HD release this November, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the movie and the 80th anniversary of the iconic Man of Steel. Read More here

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* Brothers & Sisters (episode “Valentine’s Day Massacre”)

Beyond Fest 2018’s Full Programming Schedule Includes HALLOWEEN (2018), BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974)

In addition to their recently announced 13-film David Cronenberg celebration, Beyond Fest’s full programming slate honors the horror genre’s past and present with a wide range of screenings, including Halloween (2018), Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (a big influence on the new Halloween), John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Monster Squad (with cast and crew in attendance), Anna and the Apocalypse, early screenings of the new Suspiria at the nearby Cinerama Dome, and much more: Read More here

Superman: The Movie Returning to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

Director Richard Donner’s classic 1978 Superman film, starring Christopher Reeve, is flying back into theaters for its 40th anniversary. While comic book movies dominate the box office today, that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, movies starring comic book superheroes and villains were considered risky bets, and projects based on Marvel or DC properties were not at all easy to get made by a Hollywood studio. The first film to prove that long-held wisdom wrong was Donner’s original Superman. Read More here

Brian De Palma’s ‘Sisters’ Coming Back to Criterion Collection With New 4K Digital Restoration

The Criterion Collection announced their upcoming releases for October today, and among them we were delighted to find Brian De Palma’s 1972 horror film, Sisters. In the film, the late Margot Kidder is Danielle, a beautiful model separated from her Siamese twin, Dominique. When a hotshot reporter (Jennifer Salt) suspects Dominique of a brutal murder, she becomes dangerously ensnared in the sisters’ insidious sibling bond. Read More here

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (Blu-ray)

I hadn’t seen The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975) since its network television premiere 41 years ago. Back then, the movie seemed vaguely unsatisfying, but I was curious enough to try it again via Kino’s new Blu-ray. Alas, my memories of the film are stronger and more accurate than I expected they would be, and the film doesn’t play any better now than it did then, though a lot of nudity and sexual content undoubtedly cut for the network TV broadcast is on full display here. Read More here

Christopher Reeve’s Superman tops poll of UK’s favourite superhero films

The classic 1978 film Superman has topped a poll of the UK’s favourite superhero films of all time. Starring Christopher Reeve as the Man Of Steel, Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, and Marlon Brando as Superman’s dad, Jor-El, the film beat off stiff competition from the likes of Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight, the first of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and Deadpool, which came in third despite being released only two years ago. Read More here

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How Lois Lane became her own superhero

Margot Kidder, who died Sunday at age 69, was more than just the actor who played Lois Lane in a series of “Superman” films in the 1970s and ’80s. She was a passionate advocate for the environment and for peace, a woman whose own struggle with mental illness chipped away at deep stigma, and a star whose most famous role tells us much about feminist progress. Kidder’s Lois Lane was a character who bridged the notoriously male-focused world of comics with a new feminist America. Kidder didn’t write her part and wasn’t responsible for the character’s feminist shortcomings, but her role nonetheless illustrated the tension at play in late 20th-century America. Lois Lane was both a competent, ambitious journalist and a slightly flighty damsel in distress. She sniffed out stories and lobbed flinty challenges to Clark Kent; she also was in seeming constant need of Superman’s saving. Read More here

Remembering ‘Superman’ actress Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder, who found fame as Lois Lane in the 1978 film “Superman,” died at her home in Montana, her manager confirmed to CNN. CNN’s Jeanne Moos explores Kidder’s impact on the “Superman” series. Read More here