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July 15, 2018

Matt Dillon was at one time a very hot name in film industry back in the day. Some might even argue that he still is, but the truth is that he’s nowhere near as popular as he used to be, at least not in the same capacity. Back when he was still young and had a lot of potential yet to explore he was a dominant personality in the film industry and didn’t need a whole lot of help to make himself look good. He was the bad boy that could rule a film with just a look and a few words, and plenty of attitude. As he grew older that attitude began to change and develop a mature streak that, for a while at least, was considered quite attractive. The point however is that he managed to elevate his own career without the help of anyone else and without having to rely on a lot of his costars to bolster him at key points. He created himself for the most part and didn’t need to be part of a group that was notorious for starring in similar films. In the 1980’s movie scene there was a group of young actors that were well known for starring in the same kind of movies. They were called the Brat Pack as a play on the infamous Rat Pack that was headed by Frank Sinatra, and they were some of the most popular young actors around in their time. Read More here

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