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August 5, 2018

The Don was in exile during the early ‘80s. Francis Ford Coppola’s dream of owning his own independent movie studio had come crashing down with the cataclysmic failure of his “One From The Heart,” a quixotic soundstage musical overwhelmed by its own production design. (As with megaflops like Martin Scorsese’s “New York, New York” and Peter Bogdanovich’s “At Long Last Love,” musicals proved the Achilles heel of the New Hollywood mavericks.) One step ahead of his creditors and squabbling with Wim Wenders over reshoots on the latter’s Coppola-produced English language debut “Hammett,” it was, in the filmmaker’s own words, “chaos incorporated time.” So that’s when the director of “The Godfather” films and “Apocalypse Now” up and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a while to be the cinematic voice of YA novelist S.E. Hinton. Read More here

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